Monday, March 21, 2011

2 against the world....or each other

A tale of 2 siblings......

From the moment she first saw him, Isabel has loved William and has loved being a big sister. When Will was a newborn she wanted to hold him, kiss him, and talk to him constantly! My biggest fear was simply that she would smother him with her love.....literally. She never seemed jealous of him and honestly, I don't think she even remembers life without him. This bliss lasted until Will started becoming mobile. Then Isabel was not so sure she liked him getting her toys and then of course putting them in his mouth.

As Will grew up, Isabel loved the role of "big sister" and tried to teach him everything she could! I can easily admit that Isabel was the one who taught Will his ABCs the words to Jesus Loves me and so many other things! However, as with most 2 year olds, she had a hard time learning to really share her toys.

I know their relationship will continue to grow and change as they get older so I wanted to write this post so I could remember what it was like at 2 and 4. They love each other......and fight like CRAZY!! I know it is normal but I'd by lying if I didn't say that it frustrates me faster than almost anything else they do. I feel like I am constantly giving lectures and trying to teach them to share, put the other first, talk nicely to each other, etc but most of the time I feel like no one is listening. The ironic part is that they LOVE to play with each other but after about 3 minutes a fight begins. A fight could start for many reasons. They both want the same toy. Will does not want to play a game where Isabel is the mommy or teacher who tells him what to do for more than about 5 minutes but Isabel wants him to. They also play with toys VERY differently. Isabel plays quietly with her barbies, carefully setting them up in elaborate scenarios. Will wants to play too but he is way more active. Very quickly he has knocked over her barbies with his baseball or is shooting a barbie in his basketball goal. Obviously this does not go over well with my girly girl.

My very favorite fight (please know this is said with extreme sarcasm) is in the car. Both children talk or sing constantly. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating. This leads to constant arguments over who gets to tell me a story first or sing a song without anyone interrupting. Usually this results with both kids talking or singing over each other as loudly as possible. Can't you see why this is my favorite?

Despite their arguments, I am constantly amazed at how much they love each other. If one gets hurt (and the other didn't cause it) the other is quick to stop what they are doing to go give hugs. There have actually been many times when Will was hurt and he only wanted Isabel to hug him and kiss away his boo boo. They make each other laugh so hard and have so much fun being silly together. When they leave each other at school to go to their separate rooms (across the hall from each other) they have to give huge hugs first. When school is over they cannot get to each other fast enough. They also have chapel once a month where all the kids go to the sanctuary. All of the teachers tell me that Isabel and Will are so cute. They quickly try to find each other and must sit by each other. Isabel is still all about teaching Will things. I love how over-protective she can be and how helpful she can be when she wants to.

My favorite part of their relationship right now is watching them in public around other kids or in a slightly uncomfortable situation. They stick together like glue! Without having to say a word to each other, it is like they both know that as long as they are together they can handle anything. Many times I see them holding hands or with their arms around each other. We went to a birthday party last week. It was for one of Isabel's school friends but Will was invited too. It was at a huge play center at a church with places to climb, slide, crawl through tunnels, etc. Will tried hard to keep up with the older kids but of course many times he fell behind. I can't tell you how many times I watched Isabel stop to look around for her little brother. She didn't mind going to help him when he got stuck or couldn't find the way to the slide he wanted to go down. It is at times like this when I realize that even though they fight with each other, they will always support and help each other. I hope that lasts a lifetime for them (and that the fighting stops!!)


Isabel: Will, if I was 80 and didn't have a brother like you, I would freak out!

Will (while playing baseball with Josh): Isabel, you can play ball with us if you want to. We ARE boys but we are not bad guys!

In the car.... Isabel: mommy, can I be a princess?
Will: I be a bad guy!
Isabel: No, you can't be a bad guy!
Will: I wanna be bad guy!!
Isabel: ok fine, you can be a wolf
Will: howls
They both laugh hysterically!

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