Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Party Time!!

This year we had Isabel's birthday party at My Gym. Isabel has been going there for about a year and absolutely loves it. I love it too! Since starting, she has become more coordinated, stronger, braver, more independent and more willing to try new things. The party was perfect!! I know there are a lot of pictures but you only turn 4 once!
The Birthday Girl!!
Blowing out FOUR candles
starting her climb up
Isabel's "boyfriend" from school
Will rolling the big ball with Trinity
Isabel and Ava have been best friends since they were 2. They are so funny together!
The "space ride" is definitely a favorite!
Will got to do it too!
This may have been the highlight for my little princess! :)
Most of the party guests. It was such a fun group!
Silly faces!!
The birthday girl again with her crown!
cupcake time (actually I think 75% just ate the icing off the top)
I love this picture! You can see how much fun they had!
looking so cute while she swings
more swinging!!
Isabel and Ms. Mandy

Will and Ms. Mandy making silly faces

She loves her new My Gym birthday shirt

Isabel loves Ms. Lexie too! Lexie is a cheerleader at our high school and Isabel things she is just amazing!

Josh and I with our 4 year old

Family photo


Sara said...

Love all these! I can't believe Isabel is FOUR! She is so cute and so girly. And, by the way, you look so beautiful in these pictures (as you are in real life too)!

The Gaymons said...

She is so precious!! I know you are proud of your BIG four-year-old!