Sunday, February 6, 2011

cupcakes, cakes, icing and more..

One of my friends here makes amazing cakes. Originally, my plan was to get her to make a princess cake for Isabel this year. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the cake would basically be for me. Isabel and her 3 and 4 year old friends really did not care how amazingly decorated the cake would be. We are also trying to be extra careful financially right now and it was hard to justify paying for a cake (regardless of how amazing it would be). So I decided to do the traditional cupcakes and it was definitely the right decision. Isabel and Will LOVED helping to cook and decorate the cupcakes and I wouldn't trade their excitement for the most amazing cake in the world!

I think this was the first time I have let Isabel and Will lick the things from the mixer.  They thought it was the best thing ever!  

 Will wanted to help stir too!

 See, pure joy! :)

 Another batch of cupcakes meant more licking!!

Then came the decorating!  I have never seen any two kids so excited over sprinkles!

Do you think they may have had a little of the chocolate cake batter? 

More sprinkles...on her barbie cake this time!

The final result..I'll admit that I started to obsess at first about making sure they looked perfect but very quickly gave up and just let them do it their own way.  It was better for all of us!

Isabel and her Nana made this cake.  No, it didn't turn out exactly as planned but Isabel had so much fun making and decorating it so I feel like it was a total success!!

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