Friday, January 21, 2011

Will's brother

I was going to make this part of a "funnies" post but decided that it needed its own....

Will has his first imaginary friend.....his reflection.   It started a couple of weeks ago when we were playing at My Gym.  There is an entire wall of mirrors and I noticed Will giving himself hugs and kisses in the mirror.  When he saw me watching he said, "that's my bruda (brother) mommy!  I give him kisses!"

A few nights later after putting on his pajamas he saw himself in a full length mirror and said, "Hey! My bruda has on red jamies like me!!"  Another night I was brushing his teeth and he always has to brush his teeth too after me.  All of the sudden he started rubbing his toothbrush on the mirror saying, "I try to brush my bruda's teeth too mommy!"  Another time he touched something on the mirror and yelled, "HEY! I had that first. My bruda tried to take that from me!"

Then all of the sudden his "brother" left the mirror and just became a full-fledged imaginary friend.  One night he told me that his brother was hiding at the bottom of a box of toys.  He went and pretended to pull him out and then sat him next to him.  Then a few minutes later he started giggling and said, "oh no! I sat on my bruda!!"  We have heard a lot more about his brother recently and it is hilarious!  I guess this was the age that Isabel started with all of her imaginary friends.  I wonder if her "girls" will get along well with Will's "brother"? :)  I'm glad their imaginations are entertaining!!

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that's so funny!