Sunday, January 30, 2011

Funnies and questions

Isabel and I were cleaning her room and she noticed the picture frame with her ultrasound picture in it that has been in her room since she was born.
Me:  Isabel, did you know this is a picture of you when you were in mommy's belly?
Isabel:  nope.  I always thought it was a gorilla!

Me (talking about the computer not working): Ugh! This stinks!
Will:  Who poopeded mommy?

Like most kids their age, Isabel and Will are constantly asking questions.  Seriously.  Constantly!  If I had a dollar for every question they asked we would be a couple of hours!  Some of the questions are funny, some catch me completely off guard and are hard to answer and to be honest, some are just annoying.  Will's questions are pretty basic:
  • What is his/her name? (about every random stranger we see)
  • What are you doing?
  • Why?
  • Why did you__________(everything that you do all day long)
  • Where are we going?
  • What is that thing (anything and everything he sees)
However, Isabel's questions are a little more complex and way more random.  Here are some examples...
  • How do bones get in a body?
  • If we keep eating more food every day, how come more can still fit in our bellies?
  • What is Santa Claus's middle name?
  • Are there roads and houses in Heaven?
  • Isabel: If God is always with me, does that mean He can't be with everyone else?
  • She learned the bible verse "Let all the children come to me" and then asked why Jesus wanted the children to come to him and then who didn't want the children to go to Jesus
  • If I whisper really quietly when I pray, can God still hear me?
  • If a firetruck is going too fast, will the police get him?
Life is never boring around our house!!  :)

Sorry for the lack of pictures lately but don't worry, someone is turning 4 in a few days so there will be plenty of pictures coming soon!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Will's brother

I was going to make this part of a "funnies" post but decided that it needed its own....

Will has his first imaginary friend.....his reflection.   It started a couple of weeks ago when we were playing at My Gym.  There is an entire wall of mirrors and I noticed Will giving himself hugs and kisses in the mirror.  When he saw me watching he said, "that's my bruda (brother) mommy!  I give him kisses!"

A few nights later after putting on his pajamas he saw himself in a full length mirror and said, "Hey! My bruda has on red jamies like me!!"  Another night I was brushing his teeth and he always has to brush his teeth too after me.  All of the sudden he started rubbing his toothbrush on the mirror saying, "I try to brush my bruda's teeth too mommy!"  Another time he touched something on the mirror and yelled, "HEY! I had that first. My bruda tried to take that from me!"

Then all of the sudden his "brother" left the mirror and just became a full-fledged imaginary friend.  One night he told me that his brother was hiding at the bottom of a box of toys.  He went and pretended to pull him out and then sat him next to him.  Then a few minutes later he started giggling and said, "oh no! I sat on my bruda!!"  We have heard a lot more about his brother recently and it is hilarious!  I guess this was the age that Isabel started with all of her imaginary friends.  I wonder if her "girls" will get along well with Will's "brother"? :)  I'm glad their imaginations are entertaining!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

2 year and 4 year pictures

We took the kids to get their pictures made yesterday.  Will turned 2 less than 2 months ago and Isabel turns 4 in a few weeks so it was just easier to do it all together.  I can honestly say that the trip was a success and I am so happy with the pictures we got.  Both kids did well.  Isabel did exactly what the photographer told her and wouldn't move but we had some issues with the big fake cheesy smiles.  Will went to where the photographer put him but after about 5 seconds he would move and say, "I ALL DONE NOW!!"  I will go ahead and apologize for the millions of pictures included on this post.  It was to hard to choose the ones we wanted to buy but I can put as many as I want on my blog! Enjoy! :)


my little man!

she looks WAY too old here!

I love this picture but have no idea how to frame it and set it out.

Will decided that it would be more fun to play peek-a-boo than smile for the picture! Crazy boy!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!!!

We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland! We probably only got about 2-3 inches but still had plenty of snow to play in. After spending about 20 minutes trying to dress the kids in enough warm layers, we went outside to play. They definitely had a lot more fun than this time last year. I can only imagine what snow days will be like in a few more years!
 our snowy home

Josh helping the kids build a snowman

unlike her brother, Isabel was willing to stop and smile

"look mommy, a snow ball!!"

Will watched closely to figure out what to do. He was very excited to learn that snow could be balls too!

can you tell that she is just a little excited?

 Josh shoveled the driveway so he could get to work.  He did make it down the driveway but couldn't make it up the hill out of our neighborhood (or around all of the cars stuck on the hill) so he got to stay home and play!

 throwing snow balls is FUN

 too bad we didn't have any waterproof gloves for the kids

silly boy!

so proud of their snowmen!!

fun with close-ups!

the lost pictures of Christmas

As I was about to erase my memory card today, I noticed some Christmas pictures that I didn't remember. Somehow these pictures didn't get uploaded onto the computer with the rest and didn't make it on the blog. I'm so glad I noticed before they got deleted! whew! Anyway, here are a few more fun Christmas moments...

Leaving out cookies for Santa

tracking Santa before bed 

Isabel and Uncle Matt playing Barbies

gotta have some pictures in front of the tree
 awwww...can't you feel the love?

Decorating Christmas cookies...Isabel was promoted to doing icing this year instead of only sprinkles. It was a big deal for her!
 Will was allowed to do some sprinkles but after that first cookie he decided that eating them was more fun