Friday, December 30, 2011

Just a little more Christmas

We finished up our Christmas celebration with a trip to Arkansas to see family.  Despite some sickness, we had a great time.  My cousin, Dana, has an 11 month old that we had not seen yet so it was so good to finally meet her.  Isabel and Will loved her.  I did a terrible job taking pictures while we were there but I did get a few cute ones......

Aunt Sandra and precious Ella

Isabel, who always loves being the oldest and taking care of the "babies", had so much fun playing with Ella and pushing her around in her car

My aunt got Isabel and Will a LeapPad and they LOVE it! After a quick lesson from daddy, Isabel had no problem figuring it all out

Will thinks it is pretty great too.  He especially loves taking everyone's picture

Isabel got this microphone that sings Under the Sea.  She loves putting on a show for us and singing along with Ariel.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Christmas!

Christmas was such a fun day!  The kids were so excited to see what Santa left that morning and were so happy with all of their presents.  After a quick breakfast we opened a few presents before time to get ready to go to church.  We had a family service at church and Isabel and Will did really well.  It was nice to spend some time on Christmas day remembering the true reason we celebrate and praising God for sending his son to save us all.  After church we had a big brunch, took naps and then opened more!  It was a wonderful Christmas!
Will's loot from Santa

Isabel's loot from Santa

Will loves his castle...but so does Isabel.  The castle is now filled with plenty of princesses for brave knights and superheros to save!

Isabel was so proud of the present that she made and wrapped for us at school.  It was a beautiful picture of her in a frame with puzzle pieces on it.  The back said, "I love you to pieces!"  So cute!

Winnie the Pooh and Barbie Nutcracker...definitely a hit!

Will loved his huge dinosaur (his daddy may have thought it was pretty cool too!)

Christmas pictures before church

I'm a lucky girl!

Isabel saw this months ago and just knew her Nana would love it!  She was so excited to finally give it to her!

a special gift from Grams to Will for his new big boy room

cutest raincoats for the cutest kids!
(yes, Will was a little over pictures by this point)

Will got a possum for Christmas!  A few months ago he decided that the word possum was the funniest word ever.  He calls everyone a possum and says "awesome possum" multiple times a day.  When Josh and I saw this stuffed possum we couldn't resist buying it for him!

Nana bought Will a Titans football uniform and helmet.  The jersey even has shoulder pads.  Will LOVES it!

Doctor Barbie for Isabel
(Josh and I were getting pretty frustrated that so many barbies are barely clothed so we were excited about this professional line of barbies for our little girl!)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

The excitement surrounding Christmas this year has been at an all time high with Isabel and Will.  They have been counting down the days all month.  When they finally took the santa magnet off of the advent calendar on Christmas Eve they were amazed that it was actually here! Christmas Eve was such a fun day filled with family, Christmas cookies, a yummy lunch, a candlelight service at our church and getting ready for Santa!

Nana had plenty of helpers while making the famous Knierim Christmas cookies 

silly kids in aprons
(yes, Will may kill me one day for putting him in a pink apron but he begged for it!!)

Isabel enjoyed helping daddy roll out the dough and then cut out the cookies...until she got bored with the cookie cutters and began creating her own cookies like she was using play doh

This is what I get most of the time when I say, "Will, smile so I can take your picture"

We had our annual Candlelight Christmas Eve service at our church.  Each year I worry a little about how the kids Will will handle the service and each year I am pleasantly surprised.  Both Isabel and Will sang along with the songs they knew and listened somewhat quietly while our pastor talked.  However, Will had a lot of questions about why he did not get a glass of juice when we took communion and began licking an empty cup while we were praying.  I pray that one day both kids completely understand what communion is about and can take it with us.

Isabel and Will with Grams before we left for church

I'm trying to be better about taking pictures of me with my kids.  I know I will cherish these one day.

Trying to get a family picture at church

Nana reading the Christmas story before bed

Both kids got to open one present before they went to sleep.  Will was so excited about his dinosaur that he needed to sleep with him that night

Isabel is all about nightgowns these days and was excited to have a new one

Christmas pjs in front of the Christmas tree....I love these pictures. :)

Merry Christmas!

Joy to the world!  The Lord is come.  Let earth receive her King

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Must be Santa......again

Santa came for a visit to the gym where Isabel takes dance.  The kids got to play and then talk to the big guy.  Last year Will screamed at the sight of him but this year both kids jumped in his lap to tell him what they wanted.  Isabel told him she wanted an artist barbie and Will said he wanted a truck!

Isabel was concerned that Santa wasn't wearing glasses (which he was wearing when they saw him at the library) and Will just wanted to see his sleigh.  hmmm......

fun with friends

I love play dates!  What is better than watching my kids have fun with their friends while I get some adult conversation with another mommy?  A few days ago we had a fun morning with my friend Kim and her kids, Thomas and Mae.  They live in Huntsville so we met at a park in the middle (actually closer to us, thanks Kim!) and then had lunch.  The kids played great and we had such a great time!

Two beautiful girls who had so much fun together!!

Will stopped to play us some music on the drums

You have no idea how hard it was to get these two boys to stop at the top of the slide long enough to take this picture!

Isabel is always willing to stop and pose

We tried hard to get a picture of all 4 of them but this is the best I got.  Maybe we should have waited for a group picture until after their bellies were full of chick-fil-a!

sweet boys

Thursday, December 15, 2011

bye bye baby room

Last week we moved Will to a real big boy bed.  His crib converts to a full size bed so we took the crib apart and made it a real bed instead.  I have to admit that I may have had some tears in my eyes when I saw Josh taking apart the crib.  One of my babies has been sleeping in that crib for the past 5 years!  Now they are both in real beds!

My little man does love his bed though

After putting together his bed, Josh and I quickly realized that the glider and ottoman would not fit anymore.  It was time to sell it.  Sadly Fortunately we were able to sell it quickly.  It was nice to make some money and to be able to move it since we didn't have room for it but it made me really sad too.  I have a lot of memories of my babies rocking in that chair.  I know some may think that it is a little crazy to have a blog post dedicated to a piece of furniture but it was a special piece of furniture so it makes sense to me!

I can remember carefully picking it out when I was pregnant with Isabel and putting it in her nursery.  It was hard to even imagine sitting there and rocking my baby at that time.  That became the chair that I spent hours rocking, nursing and praying for my baby girl in as I just looked at her sweet face.  Once she got a little older she would ask to "rock rock" after her naps.  She would happily sit in my lap and rock until she was completely awake.  Around that time I got pregnant with Will.  I kept rocking Isabel but there was a belly in the way.  I continued to pray for Isabel as I rocked but added prayers about her becoming a big sister and for our new little baby boy.

The glider again became a part of the new nursery for Will.  Again I spent hours rocking, nursing and praying for my baby boy.  As they got older Isabel and Will began rocking each other and playing with the chair. (there may or may not be some marks on the wall behind the glider to prove this).  However if Will woke up in the middle of the night, I still got a chance to rock my baby boy. 

I am excited about this new stage in our life with a 3 year old and almost 5 year old but it is hard not to miss the baby stage sometimes too.  Luckily Isabel and Will still love to snuggle with their mommy and understand that they will always be my babies!

I had to stop and take one last picture of Will (Isabel was still sleeping) in the glider before Josh loaded it in the van.  
(yes, Will does have a black eye.  He smashed his face into the trashcan while trying to reach his ball!)

Silver Bells

For the past few weeks Isabel's dance class has been practicing their Christmas dance.  No parents were allowed at practice so it would be a surprise, even the song they would be dancing too.  Of course I had no idea why Isabel had a new obsession with the song Silver Bells until their performance started. :)  I love how much Isabel loves her dance class and friends and how excited she gets about performing for us.  Although my camera decided to stop working (ok maybe there was a slight user error) during the actual performance, I took plenty of pictures before and after!

My sweet dancer

Isabel was so excited that her daddy brought her flowers
(that she had been requesting for a week. ha!) 

this girl loves her daddy!

Will felt the need to do some gymnastics too after patiently watching the girls

 Isabel with two of her best friends in her class.

love my girl!

I can't tell you how proud we have been of Isabel.  She is now one of the older girls in her dance class and has become such a leader.  Her teacher tells us often how much of a help Isabel is with the younger girls.  She helps them know where to go and what to do.  Her teacher has also told us that she is often one of the few girls that is always quiet and paying attention when she is supposed to be.  This is actually her last performance with this class.  She is ready to move up to the next level class that has more difficult gymnastics in it.  Isabel is excited but I think she is a little nervous too.  I just can't believe how fast my baby girl is growing up!