Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Will's 2 year check-up

We actually went to the doctor for Will's 2 year check up before Thanksgiving but I am just now getting around to posting his stats. Will was actually really good at the doctor this time. He giggled through the exam saying that Dr. Hudson was tickling him. He also thought it was hilarious that the doctor found a "bird" in his ear. The doctor said that Will is doing great and meeting all developmental milestones. I laughed when he asked if he could throw and kick a ball. Um yes, all day every day! He was impressed with how much Will talks and could also see one of his 2 year molars coming through. Woo hoo! More teething! Here are his stats: weight: 29 pounds height: 36 inches Apparently Will had quite a growth spurt since we had the last check up (at 15 months). His weight had been at the 25th percentile and is now around the 50th. I was relieved about this. Since he has a milk allergy, Will can't have whole milk and I worry about him getting enough calories. The real growth spurt was in height though. He is now almost 90th percentile and was only 50th at the last check up. My boy is getting so big! A funny story: Over Thanksgiving Will was telling Nana about his visit to the doctor. Will: He found birdie in my ear! me: what else did the doctor do? Will: He put stick in my mouth! me: What else did he do? Will: He SHOT me!!! He was talking about getting his vaccine but it was hilarious to hear him tell Nana that the doctor shot him!

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