Monday, December 27, 2010

Tender Tennesse Christmas.......

We definitely had a magical Christmas this year....and a WHITE Christmas! I was so happy to celebrate the birth of Jesus with my family around me and my two precious children bouncing with excitement. Both Grams and Nana were in town for all the Christmas festivities. We spent Christmas Eve celebrating with Matt, Lauren and Avery (although somehow I did not take a single picture). Isabel and Will absolutely love Avery and as they all 3 get older it is so fun to watch them play together. That night we went for a Christmas Eve service at our church. I'll admit that I was stressed the entire time about how my kids (ok, how WILL) would act but they both did great. Then we left cookies for Santa and both kids hurried happily to bed. It is a good thing they went to bed early because apparently tricycles take a while for Santa to assemble! Christmas morning was so happy!! You think Christmas morning can never be as exciting as it was when you were a kid until you get to watch your own kids' faces as they see what Santa left.

I'm not sure if Isabel was more excited about the snow or the gifts! This was a princess and barbie themed Christmas for Isabel. She got a Barbie bike from Santa!! Will got a tricycle from santa too but while I was trying to take his picture he was really more interested in the candy that was in his stockingso excited about her bike

Isabel got the Beauty and the Beast DVD...seriously, everything was princess or Barbie They were very in to opening presents this year and pretty much did it all themselves (yes, Will is wearing a toboggan...he opened it and needed to wear it immediately)
Just to add a little extra "girlyness" to Isabel's Christmas, she did get a few pieces of "real" jewelry which she was SO excited about
she even got her own jewelry box too Isabel could sit and play with her Barbies for hours...seriously. She talks with them, plays school with them and even makes them do ballet and gymnastics. As I took this picture she was having a talk with all of her dolls and telling them that they got to stay in her house FOREVER! so cute! :)
Will's Christmas was more sports and car themed this year
Will was very excited about the snow too! He kept going to the front door to look out at it.
The mess...I mean the kids presents
Will really liked Isabel's new pink rain boots
We ended our Christmas weekend by braving the snowy roads and going to church Sunday morning to hear Josh preach. He did a great job! We took a few pictures before we left...
Isabel and Will love their Grams
They love their Nana too but Will decided he was done with pictures for the minute
Somehow we did not take a family picture during our Christmas festivities. What was I thinking? Do you think I could photo shop Josh in the picture?

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