Monday, December 27, 2010

Opryland Hotel

Last night my aunt and cousin came to Nashville to stay at the Opryland Hotel. We met for dinner and then went back to the hotel with them. I have been trying to explain the concept of a hotel to Isabel for a while now so she was so excited to actually get to see one. Now I'm worried she will think all hotels are like the Opryland Hotel. Of course everything about the hotel was amazing! I have actually been a few times before in college because Josh's fraternity had their Christmas formal there each year. It is a strange feeling to pose with my husband and 2 children in the same places where Josh and I posed while we were in college!
Will loved this little seat on their balcony overlooking the lights the view from their balconyIsabel and Drew
the kids kept begging to lay in the beds. They thought this was so exciting
my mom, Aunt Sandra, my cousin Drew and our family
family shot by the massive poinsettia tree
I told you it was a big tree mom and Aunt Sandra
Isabel and Nana so excited about the lights
the dancing water fountain was amazing!
trying another family photo on the stairs
Isabel and Aunt Sandra

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kaw said...

I want to see one of your formal pictures!!!! :)