Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jingle Bell Dancer

Isabel had her first real dance performance tonight. Her class has been working on this Christmas dance for weeks and the parents have not been allowed to stay at class so it was a surprise for us. Isabel has been very careful not to tell me about her dance and was so excited to finally show it to us. She told me that it was like a present for us from her! She was so great and we are so proud of our little dancer!!
Will loves watching Isabel's dances. It is hilarious because he tries hard to do the moves too while sitting in my lap. At one point while the girls were sitting in the front waiting to start, Will ran to give Isabel a hug. When he got back he said, "I wub (love) my sista!" So stinkin sweet!
"do you hear what I hear?"
Pray for peace people everywhere
mommy and daddy with our little dancer
family photo
Our good friend, Jenn, came to watch and brought Isabel a flower. Isabel was so excited!!

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kaw said...

oh my gosh precious! i'm thinking about putting mae in dance in the fall next year. we'll see!