Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gingerbread houses

It's that time of year again......the annual Gingerbread house decorating night at church! Last year, Will sat happily in his highchair simply watching and eating some graham crackers while Isabel carefully decorated her house. Not this year! Will definitely wanted to be involved in the eating....oops I mean decorating! Actually both kids really enjoyed decorating their houses for about 5 minutes and then decided eating the candy and cereal was way more fun!

please notice the tongue stuck out in concentration

Will actually put a marshmallow on the house rather than in his mouth! some of the youth decorating their houses
yep, he is done decorating and now sneaking bitesI think Josh enjoys decorating the gingerbread houses almost as much as Isabel
Isabel and Will with their good friend, Samuel the finished product (the picture of the other one didn't turn out but it basically looks the same!)

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