Thursday, December 9, 2010


We have been talking a lot about Christmas and baby Jesus recently which leads to some interesting conversations.... Isabel: Mrs. Julie (her teacher) asked us whose birthday was on Christmas and I knew it was baby Jesus's birthday me: Good job! Isabel: So how old will he be on his birthday? We were listening to a Christmas song on the radio that was different from the version Isabel knows... Isabel: Hey! This isn't the right song! me: It is the same song, they are just singing it a little differently. It is a different version. Isabel: Oh, like it's in Spanish? We were listening to a Christmas song and it said something about Bethlehem... Isabel: Did that song say Bethlehem? Is that about baby Jesus? me: Yes, baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Did you know that when Jesus was still in his mommy's tummy, Mary rode on a donkey to get there? Isabel: Yes, I knew that...... What state is Bethlehem in? Will: I ride neigh mommy!! I ride neigh too mommy!! It was snowing on Sunday on our way to church and the kids were SO EXCITED! Isabel: Do you see the snow William? Did you know that now it is winter? Wait, it is snowing. I bet it is Christmas now too!! Mommy, is today Christmas??? Will (jumping up and down): It Chimas time mommy! It Chimas time now!! Isabel: Mommy, do you want to be a cheerleader when you grow up like I do? me: Well, I'm kind of already grown up. Isabel: well, you aren't as big as daddy

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Jana said...

I love these funny conversations!