Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Snow Day

Well, we have officially had our first snow. Last week it snowed a couple of days but there was no real sticking so it didn't count. This, however, definitely counts!! It started snowing Sunday morning and basically didn't stop for 24 hours. I think most people were saying we got about 3-4 inches. I have to admit, although I usually love snow, I was not so excited about it this time. We had way too many fun Christmas things planned that were cancelled or rescheduled. Plus, this mommy needed 2 days of mother's day out this week to get my last minute Christmas shopping done. Oh well, at least it is so pretty to look at!
I will say that the kids were so excited though! For most of the day Sunday we were watching the snow out of the back doors/windows. At one point I opened the front door to look out there and Will was so excited when he saw the snow out there. He kept saying, "look! snow out there too!!" We didn't do much playing in the snow though. Will has had a runny nose and was not feeling great and I assumed playing in the snow would only make him worse. Plus our heat was having some problems so it was not warm enough in our house to spend some time outside when it was about 15 degrees! We did go out long enough for a picture though!

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