Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas funnies

After opening presents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Will thought the fun should continue. As we were saying goodnight to him on Christmas night he said, "I go to sleep and we open MORE presents tomorrow!!" This was our first year with the Elf on the Shelf and Isabel LOVED it. Finding the elf was seriously her very first thought every single morning. She always found him very quickly. Will was hilarious because he would get just as excited when he saw the elf again later in the day in the same place that we found him that morning. I prepared Isabel for a few days before Christmas that the Elf would leave and go back with Santa to the North Pole until next Thanksgiving. Isabel: Can't he just come back when we give everyone those cards with hearts on them? Me: Valentine's day? Isabel: yes, Valentine's day. Can he just come back then? Me: No, he doesn't come back until next Thanksgiving Isabel: ok, what about Halloween then? As we were saying our prayers on Christmas night, Isabel asked if we could thank God for telling Santa what she wanted and thank him for bringing it for her. Ummm, sure. Did you know God and Santa were such good friends? Both kids LOVED all Christmas decorations this year. For a month every time Will saw any type of decoration he would squeal, "It Chimas time mommy!" They also waved to the huge inflatable snowman in our neighborhood every single time we passed him. Of course our own decorations were exciting too and I knew taking them down would be sad. I was right. Every time we mentioned taking down the tree (the day AFTER Christmas) Will said, "NOOOOOO! It still Christmas!! It still Christmas!!! I be so sad if you take it down."

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