Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas funnies

After opening presents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Will thought the fun should continue. As we were saying goodnight to him on Christmas night he said, "I go to sleep and we open MORE presents tomorrow!!" This was our first year with the Elf on the Shelf and Isabel LOVED it. Finding the elf was seriously her very first thought every single morning. She always found him very quickly. Will was hilarious because he would get just as excited when he saw the elf again later in the day in the same place that we found him that morning. I prepared Isabel for a few days before Christmas that the Elf would leave and go back with Santa to the North Pole until next Thanksgiving. Isabel: Can't he just come back when we give everyone those cards with hearts on them? Me: Valentine's day? Isabel: yes, Valentine's day. Can he just come back then? Me: No, he doesn't come back until next Thanksgiving Isabel: ok, what about Halloween then? As we were saying our prayers on Christmas night, Isabel asked if we could thank God for telling Santa what she wanted and thank him for bringing it for her. Ummm, sure. Did you know God and Santa were such good friends? Both kids LOVED all Christmas decorations this year. For a month every time Will saw any type of decoration he would squeal, "It Chimas time mommy!" They also waved to the huge inflatable snowman in our neighborhood every single time we passed him. Of course our own decorations were exciting too and I knew taking them down would be sad. I was right. Every time we mentioned taking down the tree (the day AFTER Christmas) Will said, "NOOOOOO! It still Christmas!! It still Christmas!!! I be so sad if you take it down."

Monday, December 27, 2010

Opryland Hotel

Last night my aunt and cousin came to Nashville to stay at the Opryland Hotel. We met for dinner and then went back to the hotel with them. I have been trying to explain the concept of a hotel to Isabel for a while now so she was so excited to actually get to see one. Now I'm worried she will think all hotels are like the Opryland Hotel. Of course everything about the hotel was amazing! I have actually been a few times before in college because Josh's fraternity had their Christmas formal there each year. It is a strange feeling to pose with my husband and 2 children in the same places where Josh and I posed while we were in college!
Will loved this little seat on their balcony overlooking the lights the view from their balconyIsabel and Drew
the kids kept begging to lay in the beds. They thought this was so exciting
my mom, Aunt Sandra, my cousin Drew and our family
family shot by the massive poinsettia tree
I told you it was a big tree mom and Aunt Sandra
Isabel and Nana so excited about the lights
the dancing water fountain was amazing!
trying another family photo on the stairs
Isabel and Aunt Sandra

Tender Tennesse Christmas.......

We definitely had a magical Christmas this year....and a WHITE Christmas! I was so happy to celebrate the birth of Jesus with my family around me and my two precious children bouncing with excitement. Both Grams and Nana were in town for all the Christmas festivities. We spent Christmas Eve celebrating with Matt, Lauren and Avery (although somehow I did not take a single picture). Isabel and Will absolutely love Avery and as they all 3 get older it is so fun to watch them play together. That night we went for a Christmas Eve service at our church. I'll admit that I was stressed the entire time about how my kids (ok, how WILL) would act but they both did great. Then we left cookies for Santa and both kids hurried happily to bed. It is a good thing they went to bed early because apparently tricycles take a while for Santa to assemble! Christmas morning was so happy!! You think Christmas morning can never be as exciting as it was when you were a kid until you get to watch your own kids' faces as they see what Santa left.

I'm not sure if Isabel was more excited about the snow or the gifts! This was a princess and barbie themed Christmas for Isabel. She got a Barbie bike from Santa!! Will got a tricycle from santa too but while I was trying to take his picture he was really more interested in the candy that was in his stockingso excited about her bike

Isabel got the Beauty and the Beast DVD...seriously, everything was princess or Barbie They were very in to opening presents this year and pretty much did it all themselves (yes, Will is wearing a toboggan...he opened it and needed to wear it immediately)
Just to add a little extra "girlyness" to Isabel's Christmas, she did get a few pieces of "real" jewelry which she was SO excited about
she even got her own jewelry box too Isabel could sit and play with her Barbies for hours...seriously. She talks with them, plays school with them and even makes them do ballet and gymnastics. As I took this picture she was having a talk with all of her dolls and telling them that they got to stay in her house FOREVER! so cute! :)
Will's Christmas was more sports and car themed this year
Will was very excited about the snow too! He kept going to the front door to look out at it.
The mess...I mean the kids presents
Will really liked Isabel's new pink rain boots
We ended our Christmas weekend by braving the snowy roads and going to church Sunday morning to hear Josh preach. He did a great job! We took a few pictures before we left...
Isabel and Will love their Grams
They love their Nana too but Will decided he was done with pictures for the minute
Somehow we did not take a family picture during our Christmas festivities. What was I thinking? Do you think I could photo shop Josh in the picture?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas! I am so thankful for this time to spend with my family and focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Have you ever stopped to think about how your life is different because Jesus was born? "For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace" Isaiah 9: 6 "But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord." Luke 2:10-11

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

must be santa...

Before I tell you about this year's visit with Santa Claus I feel like I should remind you of how my children felt about good ol' St. Nick last year. They were terrified of him! In fact, I'm not sure terrified is really a strong enough word to describe it. If we passed anywhere near him in the mall, Will would start crying and Isabel would start screaming, "take me home....NOW" so we didn't think there was any reason to actually wait in line and pay money for a picture with Santa. I had high hopes for this year though. Isabel is really into Santa this year so of course Will is too. Santa came to their school last Thursday and neither kid could have been more excited. When I picked them up I heard the details and saw the pictures. Isabel was sitting happily in Santa's lap telling him everything she wanted for Christmas. What a difference a year makes. Will, however, was not such a big fan. His teacher explained that he was really excited to go but when every other child in his class cried before him, he decided something must be terrifying about the big man so he cried too. Oh well, I was sure when he went with Isabel he would be fine. We went to see Santa at My Gym were Isabel takes her dance/gymnastics class. The kids played for a while and then Santa arrived. I think you will be able to tell how it went by the pictures....
Will was very excited to go see "HO HO"

A little jumping on the trampoline while waiting Are you surprised that Will loves the ball pit?While waiting in line, Isabel decided that she would NOT sit in his lap. She only wanted to stand next to him and this was as close as she got. I have no idea why this Santa was different from the last one... Yeah, Will didn't want anywhere near jolly old St. Nick....maybe next year

Friday, December 17, 2010

more funnies

Sorry. I know I just did a post about the things they say but I have to post these before I forget them. Actually I'm sure I'll remember 10 more things after I push the publish post button. me: Will, your such a stinker Will: I not poopy!!! I was explaining to Isabel that someone was coming to babysit her and Will that night Isabel: I'm glad she is coming to babysit but I don't want you to call it babysitting. We are NOT babies and nobody is sitting Will still repeats a lot of what he hears Isabel say..... me: Will, what are you going to tell Santa you want for Christmas? Will: More barbies! me: no, that is what Isabel wants. You don't have to ask for that. Do you want something different? Will: Oh! More footballs! Almost every day Isabel comes up with a new name that she wants us to call her. Yesterday she was "Isabel Rosie Princess Christmas Tree." She can't understand why sometimes we forget or get mixed up!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jingle Bell Dancer

Isabel had her first real dance performance tonight. Her class has been working on this Christmas dance for weeks and the parents have not been allowed to stay at class so it was a surprise for us. Isabel has been very careful not to tell me about her dance and was so excited to finally show it to us. She told me that it was like a present for us from her! She was so great and we are so proud of our little dancer!!
Will loves watching Isabel's dances. It is hilarious because he tries hard to do the moves too while sitting in my lap. At one point while the girls were sitting in the front waiting to start, Will ran to give Isabel a hug. When he got back he said, "I wub (love) my sista!" So stinkin sweet!
"do you hear what I hear?"
Pray for peace people everywhere
mommy and daddy with our little dancer
family photo
Our good friend, Jenn, came to watch and brought Isabel a flower. Isabel was so excited!!

First Snow Day

Well, we have officially had our first snow. Last week it snowed a couple of days but there was no real sticking so it didn't count. This, however, definitely counts!! It started snowing Sunday morning and basically didn't stop for 24 hours. I think most people were saying we got about 3-4 inches. I have to admit, although I usually love snow, I was not so excited about it this time. We had way too many fun Christmas things planned that were cancelled or rescheduled. Plus, this mommy needed 2 days of mother's day out this week to get my last minute Christmas shopping done. Oh well, at least it is so pretty to look at!
I will say that the kids were so excited though! For most of the day Sunday we were watching the snow out of the back doors/windows. At one point I opened the front door to look out there and Will was so excited when he saw the snow out there. He kept saying, "look! snow out there too!!" We didn't do much playing in the snow though. Will has had a runny nose and was not feeling great and I assumed playing in the snow would only make him worse. Plus our heat was having some problems so it was not warm enough in our house to spend some time outside when it was about 15 degrees! We did go out long enough for a picture though!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gingerbread houses

It's that time of year again......the annual Gingerbread house decorating night at church! Last year, Will sat happily in his highchair simply watching and eating some graham crackers while Isabel carefully decorated her house. Not this year! Will definitely wanted to be involved in the eating....oops I mean decorating! Actually both kids really enjoyed decorating their houses for about 5 minutes and then decided eating the candy and cereal was way more fun!

please notice the tongue stuck out in concentration

Will actually put a marshmallow on the house rather than in his mouth! some of the youth decorating their houses
yep, he is done decorating and now sneaking bitesI think Josh enjoys decorating the gingerbread houses almost as much as Isabel
Isabel and Will with their good friend, Samuel the finished product (the picture of the other one didn't turn out but it basically looks the same!)