Sunday, November 21, 2010

Party!! Party!!

We had a little birthday party for Will in the gym at our church....his favorite place on earth! He had so much fun and never stopped moving except to eat dinner and a few bites of a cupcake. We are thankful for our friends and family that were able to come celebrate with us and so thankful for our precious little boy. Of course the cupcakes had to have sport candles! happy boy driving his car
Isabel is all about riding her "bike" right now and spent 80% of the night on it
Will thinks that these guys from the youth group are his best friends. He loves talking to them and trying to play basketball with them. I'm so thankful that they seem to love him too and give him the attention he wants from them. Of course they had to be at the party! :)
Isabel and Papa
Will and Grams
Nana with the birthday boy
having so much fun!!
of course Will wanted to play basketball with the big boys. He just needed a little help from daddy!
Will and Riley being silly
blowing out his football candle
I love how all the kids needed to help with the presents
Will got a tee ball set that we had to try out immediately.
Isabel had to try it out too
daddy needed his turn too!
I love this little boy!
Family photo time!! Happy 2nd Birthday William! We love you so much!!

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