Friday, November 19, 2010

last day with a 1 year old

So Will turns 2 tomorrow. I'll be honest, I'm having trouble with that. How can my baby boy be TWO? I swear he was just born a few months ago. I can remember this day 2 years ago. After being 3cm dialated for almost a month, I was so relieved that I had actually made it to my scheduled c-section date. Our family was coming into town that day and I didn't have to panic every time I felt a contraction, which was all.the.time. I remember looking at Isabel and worrying about how this new baby would affect her. I had no idea how much she would love him immediately and how much I would love watching them play together and love on each other. I'll admit I was a little hesitant about having a boy because I had no idea how much I would love seeing him throw a baseball, try to dribble a basket ball or tackle his daddy. I also had no idea how much little boys love their mamas! I was terrified about being a mother to two children but I didn't know that the joy would totally outweigh the exhaustion and frustration!
For some reason two is a really big deal to me. Maybe even a bigger deal than turning one. Yes, I know that sounds crazy but it is true! Even though he has been walking since 10 months, I think he is now officially considered a toddler. I mean, no one calls a 2 year old a baby anymore....except me I guess. In fact, Isabel told me the other day that I need to stop calling him baby boy because he is a big boy now. You have no idea how hard it was not to break down into tears at that moment. Instead I calmly informed her that he would ALWAYS be my baby boy just like she would ALWAYS be my baby girl. I don't care how old they get.
I think part of the reason that I'm having such a hard time is because I like this stage we are in. A few months ago I would not have said that. I was wanting to just skip to 4 or 5. Will was throwing tantrums every time I mentioned changing his diaper, getting dressed, getting undressed, eating, not eating, going somewhere, leaving somewhere, etc. It wasn't fun! Fortunately it didn't last too long but then we quickly entered the hitting stage. Seriously, I think the boy spent a record amount of time sitting in time-out and walked around saying, "no hitting. no pushing. not nice! go time out!" all day every day. However, we are past that....well for the most part anyway. I'm not ready for the terrible twos. I'm not ready for potty training. I can see that he is already wanting that independence as he insists on putting on his own pants, getting his cup off the counter by himself and saying "I do it mySELF" a million times a day. However, he is still willing to crawl up in my lap and be my baby boy too.
So for now I will just try to enjoy this stage we are in without worrying about the future. I will try to celebrate his birthday tomorrow without constant tears. I'm so thankful that God gave us this precious baby boy and cannot imagine our lives without him.

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Jana said...

Hey Jenn - it is good to hear that Will is in a good stage but that he went through a tough one a few months ago. Summer just turned 18 months and our days are full of whining, hitting and frustration from not being able to communicate. When did you start time out? Maybe that is something we can do as well.