Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Will!

We had a wonderful day celebrating Will full of family, friends, firetrucks, balls, bulldozers, cupcakes and ...lima beans. Yes, my boy loves lima beans and we planned to go to a little restaurant here where he gets them for lunch on Saturday but they were closed. We quickly headed to Cracker Barrel instead and Will asked every person that spoke to him if they had lima beans. Fortunately our waitress brought the poor boy a bowl of lima beans......with our drinks!! He ate every one of them! :)
Will was all about opening presents this year and loved all his new toys
Isabel was excited that she got some things for Will's birthday too!! Usually Isabel is the one who helps me when we are cooking but Will took some time out from his trucks to help us sprinkle two cupcakes. Then he was done. Josh's grandfather made this firetruck for Will. It is AMAZING and Will loves it so much. It is such a special gift and I know he will treasure it forever.
He also made Will this truck that actually has a lever to push that dumps everything out. Again, it is amazing and the kids LOVE it!
I'm not proud of it but Will loves Barney so we couldn't resist getting these for him
Will is all about hats right now. He didn't have one of his own so he walked around all the time with Isabel's girly hats. Now he has one of his own and loves it. He wears it constantly!
Before church this morning.....don't they both look so grown up??
We are so in love with our 2 year old boy! He is all boy but still loves to snuggle with his mama! He is constantly learning new things like singing his ABCs (which Isabel taught him all by herself), counting to 10 and further when he wants to, singing many new songs, and starting to recognize some letters. For a while, when I showed him a W and asked him what it was, he would say, "me!" but now he can tell you it is a W. He is constantly talking and it makes life so much easier now that he can communicate exactly what he needs.
He is still a great sleeper and loves his crib. Isabel was out of her crib by 21 months but I'm thinking I may leave Will in his forever! He LOVES school and playing in the nursery at church. He is definitely a social boy and loves being around people. He loves running and playing any sport with a ball involved. He even loves watching football on TV.
We love our little boy so much and cannot wait to see what this next year will bring!

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