Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Jenn: Isabel, you are so funny Isabel: nope, I'm hilarious! Jenn: Will, take your finger out of your nose Will: dere somethin in dere Jenn: Well let mommy get a kleenex and I'll get it out Will: no, I use my finger! Will (bringing me a Sports illustrated): mommy, you read this football book me? **this happens multiple times a day! Josh: Isabel, what did you talk about in Sunday school today? Isabel: superheros Josh: oh really? what super hero is in the bible? Isabel: spiderman **I do have to say that although I have no idea where the superhero stuff came from, I'm amazed at how much Isabel is learning in Sunday School. She has memorized bible verses and can tell us many stories from the bible. In fact right after this superhero comment, she then told us the whole story of Shadrack, meshack and abednego. She can also tell us the story of David and Goliath but all the Goliath talk gave her nightmares so we don't discuss that one anymore! :) Will (while watching a football game): Oh Man!!! He no tackle him!! **the funniest part was that the other team had just gotten a first down so although he was just repeating things he had heard it completely made sense!

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