Thursday, October 28, 2010

sneak peek

Isabel and Will got to wear their Halloween costumes today to school. They made Halloween crafts and even got to go trick-or-treating to the staffs' offices. Of course this meant they got to trick-or-treat at daddy's office which was extra exciting!
In case you can't tell, Will is a fireman and Isabel is Snow White. Will actually tells everyone he is a "firetruck man" but whatever. I finally gave in and let Isabel be Snow White even though I was against it at first simply because she doesn't really know who Snow White is. Yes, we have read the story a couple of times but she has never seen the movie. Regardless she kept begging to be a princess and specifically Snow White. We let her try on the costume and her little face just lit up so I gave in. I have to admit that she is a precious Snow White!

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