Monday, October 18, 2010

It's time for pumpkins!!

This year we went to a new pumpkin patch/corn maze close to our house and we had a great time!
I love Isabel's outfit! One of my mom's friends with 2 precious little girls gave it to us. Isabel wants to wear it every day!
Will rode a pony! He actually calls it a "neigh" which is funny to me. It is the only animal that he won't call by its actual name. Anyway, he liked it but got bored by the end of the ride and wanted off. Isabel wanted nothing to do with the horses but now she says that she wasn't really scared she just only wanted to ride a white one. sure!
they had a little maze for the kids to run around in
The real corn maze was HUGE! Seriously, we were in there for a long time before we found our way out. The kids did well though. We had a hard time keeping Will from grabbing the corn but Isabel loved deciding which way we should go.
me and my little man
the weather was perfect!
yeah, this was the best picture I got of the kids with the pumpkins. Awesome
they thought this was hilarious

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Anonymous said...

Your mom told me to check out your blog b/c there were pics of Izzy in the tops that I sent. The ghosts look absolutely precious on Isabel!! I'm so excited to see them be used again because I was so sad when my girls outgrew them, and the lady that made them was such a special person that I wanted to see them passed on to a little girl that would love them as much as my girls did!! Rebeccah Myrick