Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Retreat

This weekend was the fall retreat with the students at our church. I was so excited that I got to go this year thanks to our moms who watched the kids. We had a fabulous time. The weather was absolutely perfect! I love the kids in our youth group and had so much fun hanging out with them (although they are not so big on sleeping). The theme this year was "The Quest" and we talked a lot about what we treasure and making sure God is a priority in our lives. I feel like God taught me a lot as I taught the youth. I have to admit that I was completely exhausted by Sunday afternoon. Seriously, we did not stop for three days. We had a treasure hunt, rode a zip line, played volleyball and kickball and basketball and crazy games of tag and sardines. We had a hayride and 2 bonfires and ate way too many smores. I felt like a teenager again! :)
Group Shotthe zip line was Awesome!
45 feet high is way up there in case you were wondering
It is the 2nd longest in the southeast (or something like that)
Josh wasn't sure he wanted me going on it :)
He got over it (but still wouldn't go with me)
I am not scared of heights and was so excited about doing this but I can't tell you how scary it was to walk up those stairs. I had no idea how high it really was and the whole tower would sway while we were waiting to go!
Josh shows off his amazing volleyball skills
the camp was beautiful!!

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