Thursday, October 28, 2010

and it turned into a jack-o-lantern...

...just like that!! Now that we had our two perfect pumpkins, it was time to do some decorating and carving. It is always interesting with 2 little ones to help!
Isabel "helping" daddy make the pumpkin's hat

neither kid would even consider getting their hands inside the pumpkin. However, they were all about putting long spoons in it ..until they decided it was more fun to "stir" the bowl of what daddy had already gotten out of the pumpkin. This was fine until Will started scooping it up and putting it back IN the pumpkin!!Isabel got bored very quickly of the carving so we decorated her kitty cat pumpkin.. ...while Will mowed the driveway with his Elmo bucket in his hand They decided a cat wasn't enough so we had to make the other side of the pumpkin look like a pig. Makes sense right? Josh was still working hard on actually carving the pumpkin Very proud of the finished products

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