Thursday, October 28, 2010

and it turned into a jack-o-lantern...

...just like that!! Now that we had our two perfect pumpkins, it was time to do some decorating and carving. It is always interesting with 2 little ones to help!
Isabel "helping" daddy make the pumpkin's hat

neither kid would even consider getting their hands inside the pumpkin. However, they were all about putting long spoons in it ..until they decided it was more fun to "stir" the bowl of what daddy had already gotten out of the pumpkin. This was fine until Will started scooping it up and putting it back IN the pumpkin!!Isabel got bored very quickly of the carving so we decorated her kitty cat pumpkin.. ...while Will mowed the driveway with his Elmo bucket in his hand They decided a cat wasn't enough so we had to make the other side of the pumpkin look like a pig. Makes sense right? Josh was still working hard on actually carving the pumpkin Very proud of the finished products

sneak peek

Isabel and Will got to wear their Halloween costumes today to school. They made Halloween crafts and even got to go trick-or-treating to the staffs' offices. Of course this meant they got to trick-or-treat at daddy's office which was extra exciting!
In case you can't tell, Will is a fireman and Isabel is Snow White. Will actually tells everyone he is a "firetruck man" but whatever. I finally gave in and let Isabel be Snow White even though I was against it at first simply because she doesn't really know who Snow White is. Yes, we have read the story a couple of times but she has never seen the movie. Regardless she kept begging to be a princess and specifically Snow White. We let her try on the costume and her little face just lit up so I gave in. I have to admit that she is a precious Snow White!

Pumpkins: Take 2

There is a pumpkin patch at a local church that we pass multiple times a day. Every time we pass it the kids get very excited and want to go. Since we only got 1 pumpkin at the first pumpkin patch, we decided to go to this one last weekend and get pumpkin #2!
Will really liked the bumpy pumpkins

both kids also got a little pumpkin for free it took Isabel about 30 minutes to pick hers!

Isabel really liked the blue ones for some reason Will sat by every little section of pumpkins and posed for a picture

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's time for pumpkins!!

This year we went to a new pumpkin patch/corn maze close to our house and we had a great time!
I love Isabel's outfit! One of my mom's friends with 2 precious little girls gave it to us. Isabel wants to wear it every day!
Will rode a pony! He actually calls it a "neigh" which is funny to me. It is the only animal that he won't call by its actual name. Anyway, he liked it but got bored by the end of the ride and wanted off. Isabel wanted nothing to do with the horses but now she says that she wasn't really scared she just only wanted to ride a white one. sure!
they had a little maze for the kids to run around in
The real corn maze was HUGE! Seriously, we were in there for a long time before we found our way out. The kids did well though. We had a hard time keeping Will from grabbing the corn but Isabel loved deciding which way we should go.
me and my little man
the weather was perfect!
yeah, this was the best picture I got of the kids with the pumpkins. Awesome
they thought this was hilarious

my dancing girl

This weekend Isabel's dance/gymnastics class did a little performance at a festival at a local elementary school. Most of her class did not show up so she didn't get to do the ballet dance they learned. She did get to do her "pump up the jam" dance with the rest of the big girls though. I think she was a little intimidated by the big girls and the people watching but she still did great and loved it!
can you find her on the far left?
galloping..... doing her flip
This is Isabel with her favorite teacher, Mrs. Kristin
There was also a fire truck at the festival that the kids got to sit in. Will is obsessed with fire trucks so this was especially fun for him!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Break trip to Birmingham

Last week was fall break here. Since the kids were out of school all week, I decided that we would spend a few days in Birmingham. Unfortunately they got sick the first night we were there so the week did not go exactly as I had planned. Luckily they were feeling well enough after a day or two for us to still have a lot of fun. The weather was great so we spent a lot of time outside!
this was my mom's baby carriage when she was a little girl. I played with it when I was little too so I love that Isabel still loves playing with it.
Will was more interested in playing baseball......not a shocker!
we spent one morning at a great park
driving Grams
Isabel FINALLY decided that curly slides were fun
Will is serious about his sliding
Will loved his banana popsicle at Nana's house
still trying to get a picture of all three cousins. what will we do when there are four?? Avery will be a big sister in a few more months!!
It is impossible for all 3 to look at the same camera at the same time

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Retreat

This weekend was the fall retreat with the students at our church. I was so excited that I got to go this year thanks to our moms who watched the kids. We had a fabulous time. The weather was absolutely perfect! I love the kids in our youth group and had so much fun hanging out with them (although they are not so big on sleeping). The theme this year was "The Quest" and we talked a lot about what we treasure and making sure God is a priority in our lives. I feel like God taught me a lot as I taught the youth. I have to admit that I was completely exhausted by Sunday afternoon. Seriously, we did not stop for three days. We had a treasure hunt, rode a zip line, played volleyball and kickball and basketball and crazy games of tag and sardines. We had a hayride and 2 bonfires and ate way too many smores. I felt like a teenager again! :)
Group Shotthe zip line was Awesome!
45 feet high is way up there in case you were wondering
It is the 2nd longest in the southeast (or something like that)
Josh wasn't sure he wanted me going on it :)
He got over it (but still wouldn't go with me)
I am not scared of heights and was so excited about doing this but I can't tell you how scary it was to walk up those stairs. I had no idea how high it really was and the whole tower would sway while we were waiting to go!
Josh shows off his amazing volleyball skills
the camp was beautiful!!