Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hair cuts!

After Will's first hair cut, I said I would never take him again. It was that bad. Well, I lied. His hair grew crazy fast and was completely out of control. I'm not sure you can really tell from the pictures but he has been rocking a full mullet in the back, ear mullets and the front was constantly in his eyes. The other day I said, "what are we going to do with your hair?" When he replied "put barrette in it," Josh and I knew it was time for a hair cut. This time I thought I was being smarter. Will literally does EVERYTHING Isabel does. If she falls on accident, he will immediately throw himself on the floor. So, I assumed that he would want to sit in the chair and get his hair cut after her. Isabel LOVES getting her hair cut so she sat in the chair perfectly chatting with the lady cutting her hair like they were old friends. Will talked all about his turn until it was actually his turn. Then he changed his mind! Luckily we did get through most of the hair cut without crying thanks a sucker and Barney on daddy's phone. Whatever works right? Now that it is over, I am glad we did it. I love their hair cuts!!
I know, not a great picture but you can see how long his hair is
seriously, she loves it!
I think he knows how cute he is! :)
the best picture I could get of them together....Isabel has a new obsession with having bows in her hair. She won't even take them out to sleep!
On another note, this is Will's new "mad face" It is hilarious! He can only do it for a few seconds before he starts laughing. I think my favorite is actually when he is trying really hard not to smile and to look mad but failing!

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kaw said...

oh my gosh. his haircut makes him look like such a little boy. i love it! and i LOVE the mad face!