Thursday, September 23, 2010

Girls vs. Boys

Let me start this post by saying that I know there are plenty of benefits of having multiple kids of the same sex. I love the relationship between sisters and between brothers. Since my only experience comes from having one of each, obviously I am biased. BUT I have to say that I LOVE having a boy and a girl. I think that I am really able to appreciate the characteristics of each gender by comparing them to the other. (does that even make sense?)
It is amazing to me how different our two children are considering they have the same parents, similar genes, the same toys and environment. What is it that makes my little girl love dresses and baby dolls and pink and purple while my little boy loves balls and cars and trucks and tackling his daddy?
Isabel is such a girly girl. Every morning she asks to wear a dress and will still want to change if the dress "does not twirl enough." It is a HUGE decision each morning for her to decide how to do her hair and recently she has insisted that we leave it down (no ponytail, barrette, etc) because "that is how princesses do their hair." Her fingernails and toenails must be painted and it is DEVASTATING when the polish starts coming off. She is quite dramatic if you haven't already noticed from every mention of her on this blog. She is also usually very calm and organized and extremely nurturing. Josh told me that she immediately took over the "mommy role" while I was at the beach. We actually have to have conversations pretty often about the fact that I am the mommy, not her, and she is not allowed to put Will in time out! I absolutely love my girly girl and can't wait to see how her personality and interests change and grow as she gets older.
Will is ALL BOY! Seriously, there is never a time when he wouldn't rather be playing baseball or basketball or football or soccer or bowling or running around outside. Well, actually eating is pretty important to him too! He can turn anything into a car or truck or airplane and loves making the accompanying noises. He is constantly getting in trouble for tackling Isabel (it starts as a sweet hug until he throws her on the floor). Both Will and Isabel love being outside but Will is the one sitting in the dirt playing with rocks. While Isabel is much more cautious, Will has a lot less fear and more aggression. He keeps us laughing and moving! I love my little man!!

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