Thursday, September 23, 2010

The big 3-0

After looking through my pictures I realized that I have not blogged about 2 very important events. Josh and I both turned 30 in the past month. I did not skip this on purpose. Honestly! I am actually totally find with being 30. Yes, I still remember when 30 was old. Yes, I still feel old sometimes when I ask the students in our youth group if they remember a certain event or TV show or movie and realize that they were not even BORN YET when it happened. Yes, sometimes I don't feel that old and many times I feel older than 30. However, in my mind I usually think I'm about the same age as the teenagers that we work with! :)
Seriously though, I'm happy where I am at 30. In the past 30 years I have experienced some very difficult times but I have also experienced more joy than I could ever explain. God has blessed me with an incredible family and friends, a job Josh enjoys, health, happiness and so much more. I know that I am exactly where God wants me to be so how could I ask for anything more?

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