Saturday, August 21, 2010

Will's first day of school

William was finally fever free and able to start school this week. When we dropped him off on the first day there were a few tears....from him and me. Luckily Josh's office is not far away so I was able to run there and have a good cry. I was actually still in his office trying to calm down when I got a call saying that Will had already stopped crying and was fine. That definitely helped. The rest of his first day was ok. They said he didn't cry much but wasn't very happy either. His 2nd day at school was better though. He still cried a little but was much happier overall. He went right to sleep on his cot and took a decent nap. He slept almost 2 hours but since he usually sleeps about 3 at home he was still fussy Thursday night and went to sleep early. Will painted an octopus on Thursday and was so excited about it. He kept saying, "ocpus mommy, I paint dat." His teacher also commented that he talked a lot and was impressed that he talks in sentences sometimes. I think some of the kids in his class are younger so I'm sure she is thankful for an older child that can at least communicate a little!
When I told Will that I wanted to take his picture, he immediately ran to the stairs where I had taken Isabel's picture on her first day. He kept saying "my turn!"
My aunt gave Will his backpack a while ago and I have been so excited about using it. Will loves it since he is into firetrucks right now. My mom just got him his lunch box. He loves it too but calls it his "red pack pack." He refuses to believe it is called a lunch box. whatever...
Of course Isabel wanted her picture taken too. How obvious is it that they are both saying "cheese" instead of actually smiling? At least they are both looking at the camera
I know preschool is good for Will and that each day will get better. I'm sure he will be begging to go like his sister in no time. I have to say that I think I will enjoy my child free days too. It is amazing how much cleaning I was able to get done without 2 "helpers" destroying the room I'm not cleaning. Plus Josh and I got to have a date lunch on Thursday at a restaurant we never want to take our kids to! I think I can get used to this for 2 days a week!

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