Sunday, August 8, 2010

Three and a Half

Isabel and I were talking the other day about how big she is getting and I realized that she is officially 3 and a HALF! I felt like that deserved a blog post (mainly b/c I love going back to ready these when they get older).
I have to say that I completely disagree with all those parents who told me that 3 is harder than 2. Now, there were a lot of changes in Isabel's world when she was 2 so that may have had something to do with it but regardless, I feel like 3 is just a good age for us. The tantrums are much less often now and usually when she stops crying she is quick to hug me and tell me that she is sorry. I think it helps to see Will throw tantrums. She hates it when he cries and tells me all the time that she has to show him the right way to act since she is the big sister!! Now if she gets mad, she will announce that she is mad, go sit away from everyone and pout for a few minutes and then come back and announce again that she was mad but isn't anymore. It is actually pretty funny but I try not to laugh at her! :)
Isabel is getting more independent by the day. She wants to do EVERYTHING herself. For two days now she has actually gone to sleep for her nap by herself. She turns on her music and sound machine, gets in her bed, covers herself up and is out! I don't know if it will continue but I'm loving it! The only bad part of this desire for independence is that most of her frustrations and "mad time outs" comes when she can't do something by herself that she wants to be able to do. Well, that or her brother.
Isabel is a great big sister. She loves Will so much! It amazes me that she wants to have him near her, playing with her all the time but then they can fight so hard! I guess that is just the way it is with siblings. I love hearing her explain things to him, encourage him or give him instructions. She tells me all the time that he is still a baby and she has lots to teach him. Will repeats everything she says and wants to be just like her!
I'm sure it is not a shock to anyone that knows her but Isabel is still quite the talker. Seriously, the kid never stops talking, unless of course she is singing. She is the slowest eater ever but the main problem is that we can't get her to stop talking long enough to eat. What she says is often entertaining and hilarious though! I need to do another post about the things she says soon!
The other big thing with this age is that some of her fears are finally going away. Not all loud noises (lawn mower, weed eater, vacuum) are terrifying. She can actually get near a dog, horse or other animal without crying as long as she doesn't have to touch it! It seems like every day there is something new that she informs me that she is no longer afraid of (and also explains to Will why he should not be afraid...whether he ever was or not!)
Overall I am loving this age with my little girl. She is definitely a little girl now and sometimes it makes me sad. I'm proud of who she is becoming though. She starts school again next week. She is so excited about it and I'm excited too but I will miss my time with my precious little girl. She is growing up way too fast.

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