Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Funnies

Because I want to remember and you may need a laugh............. **We have been going through a hitting stage with William for a while now. This is not a stage that we went through with Isabel and I have to admit that I am at a loss for how to make it stop. Yes, we have tried sternly saying NO HITTING, immediate time outs, etc but nothing is working. Josh was told by someone who has been working with preschoolers for years that the best way to stop a toddler from hitting is to get someone to hit them back. Josh was all for it but I have been a little hesitant. We are going to teach him to stop hitting by hitting? Anyway, one day last week Will hit Isabel and Josh told Isabel to hit him back. Isabel: But I don't want to Josh: Why not? Isabel: It isn't nice to hit Josh: I know and normally you shouldn't but we are trying to teach Will not to hit so you can right now Isabel: I still don't want to Josh (getting a little frustrated): Why not? Isabel: Because daddy, God doesn't want us to hit! I just looked at Josh and laughed. I think we'll try to find another option (and if you have any suggestions I would LOVE them) **Will still repeats a lot of what we say which usually makes us laugh Jenn: Come here baby boy Will: Otay baby mommy **We have figured out recently that Isabel believes that the people she sees on TV live in the TV. We have had many humorous conversations with her about this idea but my favorite was when Josh went to the Titans first game. I turned the game on the TV and explained to Isabel and Will that daddy was at that game. Of course both started looking for him and Isabel was sure she found him. I couldn't stop laughing when they both just started talking to him on the TV like he could hear them. The next day Josh was talking to Isabel about being at the game. Josh: Did you see me at the football game on TV? Isabel: Yeah. How did you get in there? Was there a door in the TV or something??

**Will has been telling me when he has a dirty diaper for a while now but now he is also telling me when he pees (kind of). When he pees in his diaper this is our conversation:

Will: I poo poo mommy. change me Jenn after checking and realizing that his diaper is not dirty: no, you didn't go poo poo Will: I pee pee!! This is our conversation if he actually has a dirty diaper: Jenn: Shoo wee Will! You went poo poo. I need to change you Will: No, me pee pee. No change me mommy!

**After having lunch with Matt, Lauren and Avery today, I told Isabel that Aunt La La had another baby in her tummy. Isabel was very excited and then asked, "what happens if the baby goes pee pee while it is in Aunt La La's belly?" Really? That is her first question?

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