Saturday, August 14, 2010

Isabel's first day of school

Last Thursday was Isabel's first day back to school. It was supposed to be Will's first day too but he woke up early that morning with a fever so no school for him. After a few tears that Will couldn't go with her, Isabel was once again extremely excited to go to school. She has been begging to go for weeks! She has a new teacher this year that she loves and a few kids in her class that she already knew. Of course she didn't take a nap (why she takes great naps every day at home but never takes a nap at school I will never understand) but she had a great day and is already ready to go back. Maybe by then I'll be ready for Will to go too. I promise I didn't fake the fever! :)
She didn't want anything in her hair because she said "I look like a princess with my hair down like this, mommy"
It is so hard to believe how big she is getting. In two short years I'll be sending my baby off to Kindergarten! I have decided not to think about that for a while though!

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