Monday, July 19, 2010

There's nothing better than Sun, Sand and Swimming

I have been looking forward to this beach trip for a long time. We didn't go last year so it had been 2 years since I had been to the beach. That is way too long for this girl! Plus I felt like Isabel and Will were at the ages to really enjoy the beach. Then there was the oil spill! For months I have been checking on the situation in Destin and was so thankful that the beaches were clean so we could go. Our family of four plus 2 grandmas really enjoyed our time at the beach. We could not have asked for better weather and the beach really was beautiful (although we seemed to spend the majority of our time at the pool anyway). Ok, I took a million pictures so I will just get on to those now:
she is ready to go!!

Isabel LOVED playing in the sand

there was a huge group of these guys walking the beach cleaning up any tar balls or anything else they found. I have never seen the beach so clean! apparently you have to completely lay in the sand to really build a good sandcastle
Will loved the noodles. To him, they were just long bats that he used to hit the beach balls
doing a little suntanning!
Josh and I got to have a dinner out alone one night. It was great!
serious sand playing going on
Isabel sure loves her daddy
Someone thought it would be so fun to help Isabel make hand prints in the sand
Will has to do everything Isabel does
Isabel would have nothing to do with the ocean but Will loved standing in it. He would say, "feet go mommy?"
jumping waves with Grams
wind-blown cutie
Will watched another little boy jump off the side of the pool. He immediately went to the side and started saying "1...2.....3" and then jumped over and over
Good thing our pool had a lot of stairs because this is where Isabel "swam" until the very last day
why is Isabel making that crazy face? silly girl!
my favorite little girl!
At the end of our very last day Josh found this turtle float that we used when Isabel was a baby. She loved it at 4 months but hated it at 18 months. Both kids are too big for it now but of course they both loved it! Isabel FINALLY left the stairs only because she wanted to help me push Will around in the baby float.
Then Isabel wanted to ride in the float and Will had to help me push her around
this could be one of my favorite pictures ever
I love those giggles!!
We tried to get a family photo on the couch but Will wasn't interested... we just took one without him
Isabel and her Nana (and roommate for the week)
Isabel and her Grams
can you tell Will was not happy about having to stop playing in the sand long enough to take a picture?
I have no idea why she put her hand on his head but it makes me laugh
my kids are so lucky to have the 2 greatest grandmas ever!
**sorry there were so many pictures. I didn't want to do a slide show because it won't show up when I print this! I hope you enjoyed them. I could have posted so many more!!


kaw said...

It all looks so fun, and your kids are adorable! As always!

Sara said...

I enjoyed them! It looks like you had a great time-- I'm so glad! You look SO tan, hot mamma. Miss you.