Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th weekend

We had a fun-filled holiday weekend (my excuse for so many pictures). Nana came to visit, Josh and I played in a wiffle ball tournament at church, we did fireworks, grilled out, and ate watermelon. It was a good weekend and we are all completely exhausted!
The students let me be on their team. I'm sure they regretted that at some point. We won our first two games but then lost 2 as well.

Will and Isabel were our cheering section and they were LOUD the entire time. It was so cute! Will gave everyone high fives before the sweet little girl is getting so big why not wear a float while playing in the backyard? after watching mommy and daddy play, Will played baseball all weekend. He would hit the ball and then run across the driveway. When he got there he would yell "SAFE!" and cheer for himself! Isabel and Will are a little too young for most fireworks but they loved throwing the snaps Daddy had fun setting off some fireworks As you can tell, Isabel is not so sure about them
Eventually she decided this was the best place to watch a lot happier to be playing outside without daddy setting off fireworks
Isabel loves her Nana!
sitting with Nana and being silly!
corn on the cobb!
watermelon is Isabel's favorite! I think she could eat the whole thing if we let her

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