Wednesday, July 28, 2010

only child

This week Will has been an only child while Isabel enjoys "camp grandmas" in Birmingham. She spent a few days with Josh's mom and is now spending a few days with my mom. She is having a blast. I was worried she may get homesick. Nope! She doesn't even have time to talk to us on the phone more than about a minute a day. I'm so glad she is having fun but a little worried about next week when she will not be the center of attention, given anything her little heart desires or go from one fun activity to another all day every day. Pray for us! Josh and I have had a fun week with Will. I have to admit that I forgot how much easier it is to just have one child (even one that has decided to begin the terrible two's a few months early!). I think Will has enjoyed the attention as well although he has cried for Isabel twice. The boy loves his sister. He has actually played a lot better this week without Isabel. I realized that when she is here he sits to play but then decides that whatever she has is more exciting so he stops playing with his toys and goes to bother her. This week he just plays. However I have heard, "mommy play too" about a million times!!
taking full advantage of having the whole tub to himself
Since Will has been our "only child" this week I thought I would use this blog post for a little update about him:
*he still a mama's boy. He no longer cries when I drop him off at the nursery on Sunday mornings but still hates going on Wed nights. I have no idea what the difference is but it drives me crazy!
*He is starting mother's day out in a few weeks and I'm already having trouble with this. I worry about it way too often. Now I understand why moms cry when their children start kindergarten, especially their youngest. Isabel was only a few months older than he is now when she started but she seemed MUCH older!
*Will basically says anything he hears someone else say. His new favorite phrase is "not yike that" which I have to admit drives me crazy b/c it is usually said when he decides halfway through dinner that he no longer "yikes" what he is eating and refuses to eat any more
*He still loves all balls and any game related to a ball but his new obsession is fire trucks!
*He loves the guys in the youth group and can tell you all of their names. Luckily they love him too!
*He knows all of his colors
*When he finds something he was looking for he says, "tada Me!!"
*He is a funny kid and is constantly doing crazy things. He makes us laugh a lot!

Monday, July 19, 2010

There's nothing better than Sun, Sand and Swimming

I have been looking forward to this beach trip for a long time. We didn't go last year so it had been 2 years since I had been to the beach. That is way too long for this girl! Plus I felt like Isabel and Will were at the ages to really enjoy the beach. Then there was the oil spill! For months I have been checking on the situation in Destin and was so thankful that the beaches were clean so we could go. Our family of four plus 2 grandmas really enjoyed our time at the beach. We could not have asked for better weather and the beach really was beautiful (although we seemed to spend the majority of our time at the pool anyway). Ok, I took a million pictures so I will just get on to those now:
she is ready to go!!

Isabel LOVED playing in the sand

there was a huge group of these guys walking the beach cleaning up any tar balls or anything else they found. I have never seen the beach so clean! apparently you have to completely lay in the sand to really build a good sandcastle
Will loved the noodles. To him, they were just long bats that he used to hit the beach balls
doing a little suntanning!
Josh and I got to have a dinner out alone one night. It was great!
serious sand playing going on
Isabel sure loves her daddy
Someone thought it would be so fun to help Isabel make hand prints in the sand
Will has to do everything Isabel does
Isabel would have nothing to do with the ocean but Will loved standing in it. He would say, "feet go mommy?"
jumping waves with Grams
wind-blown cutie
Will watched another little boy jump off the side of the pool. He immediately went to the side and started saying "1...2.....3" and then jumped over and over
Good thing our pool had a lot of stairs because this is where Isabel "swam" until the very last day
why is Isabel making that crazy face? silly girl!
my favorite little girl!
At the end of our very last day Josh found this turtle float that we used when Isabel was a baby. She loved it at 4 months but hated it at 18 months. Both kids are too big for it now but of course they both loved it! Isabel FINALLY left the stairs only because she wanted to help me push Will around in the baby float.
Then Isabel wanted to ride in the float and Will had to help me push her around
this could be one of my favorite pictures ever
I love those giggles!!
We tried to get a family photo on the couch but Will wasn't interested... we just took one without him
Isabel and her Nana (and roommate for the week)
Isabel and her Grams
can you tell Will was not happy about having to stop playing in the sand long enough to take a picture?
I have no idea why she put her hand on his head but it makes me laugh
my kids are so lucky to have the 2 greatest grandmas ever!
**sorry there were so many pictures. I didn't want to do a slide show because it won't show up when I print this! I hope you enjoyed them. I could have posted so many more!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th weekend

We had a fun-filled holiday weekend (my excuse for so many pictures). Nana came to visit, Josh and I played in a wiffle ball tournament at church, we did fireworks, grilled out, and ate watermelon. It was a good weekend and we are all completely exhausted!
The students let me be on their team. I'm sure they regretted that at some point. We won our first two games but then lost 2 as well.

Will and Isabel were our cheering section and they were LOUD the entire time. It was so cute! Will gave everyone high fives before the sweet little girl is getting so big why not wear a float while playing in the backyard? after watching mommy and daddy play, Will played baseball all weekend. He would hit the ball and then run across the driveway. When he got there he would yell "SAFE!" and cheer for himself! Isabel and Will are a little too young for most fireworks but they loved throwing the snaps Daddy had fun setting off some fireworks As you can tell, Isabel is not so sure about them
Eventually she decided this was the best place to watch a lot happier to be playing outside without daddy setting off fireworks
Isabel loves her Nana!
sitting with Nana and being silly!
corn on the cobb!
watermelon is Isabel's favorite! I think she could eat the whole thing if we let her

backyard fun

Last week we had a "cold front" (which means the highs were only in the mid-80s instead of upper 90s) so we spent a lot of time playing outside. My mom and Uncle Brad were in town too so that only made things more fun.
they had so much fun playing with Uncle Brad
Will "laying out" (which lasted a total of 5 seconds)
Isabel loves her Grams