Saturday, June 12, 2010

more dance class

At Isabel's first dance/gymnastics class, I was afraid to bring my camera. After seeing the other moms snap pictures the entire time I was so mad at myself so of course I made up for it during our 2nd class. It is hard to get great pictures because we aren't too close but I still had to share. I'm not sure which one of us is loving the class more! :)
Isabel getting ready to do a forward roll

after some gymnastics, they get in a circle to do ballet. At the end they have the "star of the show" and each little girl gets to get in the middle and do their own ballerina moves. So cute! Can you see Isabel in the middle twirling? They get a little bit of play time too and this is always Isabel's favorite thing to dolearning how to do cartwheels not quite there but she tries hard! at the end they line up and do a little cheer. It is adorable. Of course Isabel loves to come home and try to teach it to Will

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