Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun in the water

There is a shopping area near our house with a fun fountain area in the middle. It is a fun place for kids to play when the weather is warm. There have been several times that we have been there just walking around and shopping and stopped to let the kids play with the outside water spouts hoping they wouldn't get too wet. Since my mom was here for a couple days last week, I decided we would try actually putting on their swimsuits and letting them get as wet as they wanted. Ironically, they probably stayed dryer than when we went in clothes. Oh well, I think they had a pretty good time.

"look mommy, I'm wet!"

Will wasn't so sure about it. There were A LOT of kids there and he wasn't sure he wanted to get so wet Isabel loved it!
This is what happened when Will saw a kid with a ball but I explained that it wasn't ours and he could not go get it. It is hard being 1 and a half!
Always posing for me
Will decided it would be more fun to wear Isabel's sunglasses
sitting on the benches is always a highlight

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