Monday, June 21, 2010

Birmingham Part 3: Samford

Since Josh was at Samford for M-Fuge, I took the kids there a couple of times during the week to see him, the students and Nana (Josh's mom). It is a weird feeling to pull into your college campus in your minivan with your two kids. Am I really that old? I swear I was just there a few years ago! Being back on campus brought back tons of memories. I loved that place and still do so of course I had to try to get some cute pictures of Isabel and Will there.
2 cuties in front of the fountain (by the way, keeping Will out of the fountain was harder than expected. He wanted to kick the water!)

I really wanted a picture of them in front of Reid Chapel (where Josh and I met and then married 4 years later). When I squatted to get a good picture, both kids squatted too so this is the best I could get!I also tried to recreate some of the wedding pictures we have in this hallway. Once again, this is the best I could get! I can't tell you how much I love this picture. I know that neither are actually looking at the camera but I love their interactions with each other Future M-Fuge counselor??

showing off for "daddy's friends" (AKA the youth group)

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kaw said...

the one in front of reid chapel is precious! you have to frame it! you could crop it and get a little closer to them. it's adorable! my dream is to save up, and have our family picture taken at samford by a photographer i really like in bham in january 2012, which is the 10 year anniversary of us starting to date there.