Sunday, June 20, 2010

Birmingham Part 1: Water fun

Last week Josh took the students from our church to M-Fuge at Samford so once again the kids and I spent the week at camp Grams. We had so much fun seeing family and friends and playing outside that this will take multiple blog posts to show it all. Since it was insanely HOT all week I thought I would start with pictures from playing in the water. The kids played in a baby pool at my mom's house and then one night we went to Matt and Lauren's neighborhood pool to swim too. It was really the first time they had been in a pool this year but they loved it! Isabel did a lot of watering for Grams
trying to get a picture of the cousins. the girls cooperated but apparently Will had better things to look at
my bathing beauty with her sunglasses and pigtails
it took Will a while to actually sit down and when he did it took even longer for him to realize he could put his arms in the water to help him stand back up.
watering the flowers again
Will wanted to help by holding the hose
running through the sprinkler

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The Gaymons said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Cute pictures of your cute kiddos!