Monday, June 21, 2010

Birmingham Part 3: Samford

Since Josh was at Samford for M-Fuge, I took the kids there a couple of times during the week to see him, the students and Nana (Josh's mom). It is a weird feeling to pull into your college campus in your minivan with your two kids. Am I really that old? I swear I was just there a few years ago! Being back on campus brought back tons of memories. I loved that place and still do so of course I had to try to get some cute pictures of Isabel and Will there.
2 cuties in front of the fountain (by the way, keeping Will out of the fountain was harder than expected. He wanted to kick the water!)

I really wanted a picture of them in front of Reid Chapel (where Josh and I met and then married 4 years later). When I squatted to get a good picture, both kids squatted too so this is the best I could get!I also tried to recreate some of the wedding pictures we have in this hallway. Once again, this is the best I could get! I can't tell you how much I love this picture. I know that neither are actually looking at the camera but I love their interactions with each other Future M-Fuge counselor??

showing off for "daddy's friends" (AKA the youth group)

Birmingham Part 2: looking good in hats

One day my mom and I took the kids to Target. Isabel found a pink hat that she was obsessed with and William quickly responded with his new favorite phrase, "me too" Normally I would let them play with the hats for a minute and then distract them enough to leave them at the store without a meltdown. However, Grams was with us so of course the kids got to keep the hats. That is what grandmas are for, right? I'm really sad that I didn't get a good picture of Iz in her hat, but I love these of Will.
Another day the kids were playing with my mom while I was getting dressed. Apparently they were playing dress up in some of my stuff from when I was a kid. These were the favorites:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Birmingham Part 1: Water fun

Last week Josh took the students from our church to M-Fuge at Samford so once again the kids and I spent the week at camp Grams. We had so much fun seeing family and friends and playing outside that this will take multiple blog posts to show it all. Since it was insanely HOT all week I thought I would start with pictures from playing in the water. The kids played in a baby pool at my mom's house and then one night we went to Matt and Lauren's neighborhood pool to swim too. It was really the first time they had been in a pool this year but they loved it! Isabel did a lot of watering for Grams
trying to get a picture of the cousins. the girls cooperated but apparently Will had better things to look at
my bathing beauty with her sunglasses and pigtails
it took Will a while to actually sit down and when he did it took even longer for him to realize he could put his arms in the water to help him stand back up.
watering the flowers again
Will wanted to help by holding the hose
running through the sprinkler

Dr Isabel

Isabel is pretty obsessed with doctors and hospitals. Any time we are in the car, she wants me to point out any hospitals and then immediately asks whose hospital it is (which means she wants to know who was born there). She also examines her baby dolls and stuffed animals regularly. The other day she tried hard to make Will be the doctor while she was the nurse. She sat with a pen and pad of paper and asked her stuffed animals what hurt and if they had a fever. When Will would not cooperate and examine the animals like she told him to, he became the patient. I was amazed at how long he patiently layed down letting her examine him. I guess he has already learned that sometimes it is easiest to just give in and wait for it to be over.

Father's Day outtakes

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy ever!! I don't know how many times a day I thank God for Josh and what a great husband and father he is! Isabel, Will and I are so lucky! Late this afternoon I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures of Josh with the kids so I TRIED but no one wanted to cooperate.
I dont' know that I will ever be able to look at this picture without laughing

Saturday, June 12, 2010

more dance class

At Isabel's first dance/gymnastics class, I was afraid to bring my camera. After seeing the other moms snap pictures the entire time I was so mad at myself so of course I made up for it during our 2nd class. It is hard to get great pictures because we aren't too close but I still had to share. I'm not sure which one of us is loving the class more! :)
Isabel getting ready to do a forward roll

after some gymnastics, they get in a circle to do ballet. At the end they have the "star of the show" and each little girl gets to get in the middle and do their own ballerina moves. So cute! Can you see Isabel in the middle twirling? They get a little bit of play time too and this is always Isabel's favorite thing to dolearning how to do cartwheels not quite there but she tries hard! at the end they line up and do a little cheer. It is adorable. Of course Isabel loves to come home and try to teach it to Will

Fun in the water

There is a shopping area near our house with a fun fountain area in the middle. It is a fun place for kids to play when the weather is warm. There have been several times that we have been there just walking around and shopping and stopped to let the kids play with the outside water spouts hoping they wouldn't get too wet. Since my mom was here for a couple days last week, I decided we would try actually putting on their swimsuits and letting them get as wet as they wanted. Ironically, they probably stayed dryer than when we went in clothes. Oh well, I think they had a pretty good time.

"look mommy, I'm wet!"

Will wasn't so sure about it. There were A LOT of kids there and he wasn't sure he wanted to get so wet Isabel loved it!
This is what happened when Will saw a kid with a ball but I explained that it wasn't ours and he could not go get it. It is hard being 1 and a half!
Always posing for me
Will decided it would be more fun to wear Isabel's sunglasses
sitting on the benches is always a highlight

a boy and his spoon

Will has been using a fork for a while now but he hasn't really used a spoon yet because......... well, honestly because I haven't let him. I know this is a skill they need to learn but it is a really messy skill to learn and not my favorite. However, my baby boy is becoming more and more independent by the minute and the other day he decided that he would only eat his yogurt if he did it himself. "ME...SPOON....MOUTH!" So I let him try and I have to say that he was pretty good at it.
So proud of himself
**By the way, did you enjoy that post-nap hair he is sporting? :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Will's first haircut

Yesterday we took Will for his first haircut. The back of his hair was reaching the mullet stage and the front was just going everywhere! Since Will laughs through the doctor's exam, I thought a hair cut would be easy. I was VERY wrong!
Will was very happy while waiting

Big sister came along for support. Actually she was not happy that she didn't get to have her hair cut tooStill happy while sitting in the kitty cat chair (he is saying kitty cat) He wasn't so sure about the cape but the sucker made everything better....for now The pictures stop here because no one wants any pictures of a screaming toddler. At first Will was fine unless she tried to touch him. He kept jerking away from her which made a haircut pretty impossible. We tried sitting him in my lap and we tried holding him still. We even tried letting him watch a movie while they cut it. Nothing worked. He didn't want anyone near his hair. Finally I held him while he screamed and 2 hairdressers tried to cut his hair. NOT a fun experience. I've decided to embrace the mullet. We aren't going back for another haircut for a while!

I just realized that I don't have an after picture. Sorry about that. I'll do that soon. It does look pretty cute!