Saturday, May 22, 2010

Will is 18 months

William is now 18 months! He is getting so big and learning new things every day. We haven't been for the official 18 month check up but according to our own scale he is about 25 pounds. He is saying a ton of words now and his talking is no longer just pointing at and naming objects. I feel like he is really communicating now and even putting some words together. The other day I was laying on a pillow that he wanted so he walked over to me and said "mama .... pillow ..... share .... me!" It was pretty funny. No doubt what he wanted! He is a very active little boy! He loves throwing, catching and trying to "bat" any kind of ball he can find. He also loves climbing on everything. In this picture he is trying to do a forward roll.
Although he is a crazy boy, he still loves to give hugs and snuggle sometimes which I LOVE! He is still great about going to bed, often begging for his bed and paci. He goes to sleep around 7:30 and sleeps 11-12 hours. He also takes one nap a day for 2-3 hours. Will now has more opinions about what he will eat and not eat but overall is still a pretty good eater!
We are loving our little boy so much!! It is going to be a fun (and exhausting) summer keeping up with him!

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