Monday, May 3, 2010

Pray for Nashville

As many of you probably know, we received an insane amount of rain this weekend. Basically it started raining Saturday morning and continued to rain Hard until Sunday night. In 2 days parts of Nashville got around 18 inches of rain!! Of course this caused severe flooding. I have never seen anything like it in my life. I feel like we have been watching the news constantly and I'm still shocked by what I see. Houses, schools, businesses, parks, interstates, etc all covered with water. We were very lucky but so many people have lost everything. Please pray for those that have lost their houses, cars, businesses or even loved ones. There are also so many who have experienced minor flooding and although they have their homes, they have a lot to deal with.
This is the park where we used to take the kids to play

LP field where the Titans play downtown Nashville this is the major highway that goes out of Hendersonville the hockey rink where some of our students used to play hockey

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Jana said...

Holy Cow! I can't believe that. I am glad yall are ok and hope the sun will come out and dry it up SOON. By the way, Izzy's comments you posted were hilarious!