Wednesday, May 12, 2010

more funnies

**Isabel loves eating animal crackers but she will not eat a single cracker without first discussing what kind of animal it is. Isabel: mommy, what kind of animal is this? me: it is a buffalo Isabel looks at the cracker again: no, it isn't. Daddy, what is this? Josh: it's a buffalo Isabel looks at the cracker again: no it isn't! It doesn't have any wings on it!! Me to Josh: we go to buffalo wild wings WAY too often!!!!
 **We have been trying to get Will to call Isabel by her name for months. He can say everyone else's name but when we would point to Isabel and ask her name he would just laugh........until a few weeks ago. Now, he calls her HIT! Yes, Hit. I think that he is trying to say "Iz" but starts with an "H" sound and can't make a Z sound. Every once in a while he calls her "Belle belle" but the majority of the time, she is Hit. Awesome! **Our car conversations are ALWAYS interesting. If Isabel is not making up a song, she is asking questions. This was our conversation today when she saw some cows out of the window: Isabel: what are those cows doing? Will: MOOOOOO (actually he says BOOO but we know what he means) Me: maybe they are eating Isabel: what are they eating? me: grass Isabel: why do they like grass? me: I don't know, they just do Isabel: Grass doesn't taste good Will: mmmmmm Isabel: no Will, grass is not yummy. It could have mud in it. Mommy, do cows like grass with mud in it? I wouldn't. I don't think those cows should eat the grass with mud in it, do you? (this went on for a while until she found something else to ask about)
 **I love this egocentric stage that we are in. In Isabel's mind, everything involves her in every way Isabel: I like honey. Do you know that bees make honey? That was so nice of them to make that for me.

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kaw said...

the honey one makes me laugh the most!