Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun Saturday

We had a great Saturday. A new play place for kids opened recently and Saturday they were letting everyone in for free and giving ice cream too. Of course we had to go try it out. Both Isabel and Will enjoyed it!
No one was surprised when Will went right for the balls
Of course he also ran around the place with this vacuum attacking anyone or anything in his path Isabel played in the little play house
and they both did some sliding
After playing inside, we let the kids go play in the fountain. Isabel had fun kicking the water and running around. She may have gotten the bottom of her pants a little wet. Although Will was hesitant at first, he was completely drenched within about 30 seconds!

It's HOT out here!

For some reason, my children don't seem to mind or even notice that it is 90 degrees here. They want to be outside anyway so outside we go!
Will is now obsessed with mowing the yard....or the daddy
When we first got the play set, I didn't think Will could climb the ladder and slide down by himself. I was definitely wrong!
Isabel still loves to swing and to push "her babies" on the swing
I love that grin!
Josh found this tricycle at a garage sale for $3. We love it!

rock n roll!

A video store near us went out of business recently and Josh was able to buy lego rock band and Beatles rock band for a few dollars. Of course this means we had to break out the instruments again and our children could not be more excited!
Luckily Will is happy playing his guitar while daddy plays his
singing is everyone's favorite!
Isabel is doing a little ballerina dancing for us
When she is not busy dancing, she can sing and play the drums too...what talent!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day at the Zoo

Last weekend we took the kids to the Nashville zoo for the first time. All 4 of us had a great time. Isabel was a little hesitant at first and keep asking if the animals were going to be in cages. My child does not like animals getting close to her. If you have seen her near a dog and heard the screaming this does not surprise you. However, she decided almost immediately that she loves the zoo and had a lot of fun. I was also a little worried about Will who had decided recently that he is not always a fan of being confined in a stroller or shopping cart. Instead he yells "WALK" over and over until we take him out. However, since he was outside he was happy to sit in the stroller, look at the animals and make animal sounds at them.
Will takes 1 nap a day......unless we are in the car for longer than 10 min anytime after 11am

Isabel refuses to just smile at the camera now. She feels the need to "pose" at all times.

"Look Dada!"
This is Will's answer to what do alligators say? "CHOMP CHOMP"
If you know Isabel and her fear of animals prepare to be SHOCKED over the next picture.
Isabel would not pet the goats but was all about brushing their hair! She didn't want to stop!
If Isabel was going to do it, of course Will had to as well
So happy eating lunch only minutes before screaming "GO HOME!" at the poor little family of geese that walked next to us (in her defense, one of them did grab a bite of sandwich from the little girl at the table next to us)
Doesn't everyone use a fork like this to eat their hotdog?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reading with daddy

Will is 18 months

William is now 18 months! He is getting so big and learning new things every day. We haven't been for the official 18 month check up but according to our own scale he is about 25 pounds. He is saying a ton of words now and his talking is no longer just pointing at and naming objects. I feel like he is really communicating now and even putting some words together. The other day I was laying on a pillow that he wanted so he walked over to me and said "mama .... pillow ..... share .... me!" It was pretty funny. No doubt what he wanted! He is a very active little boy! He loves throwing, catching and trying to "bat" any kind of ball he can find. He also loves climbing on everything. In this picture he is trying to do a forward roll.
Although he is a crazy boy, he still loves to give hugs and snuggle sometimes which I LOVE! He is still great about going to bed, often begging for his bed and paci. He goes to sleep around 7:30 and sleeps 11-12 hours. He also takes one nap a day for 2-3 hours. Will now has more opinions about what he will eat and not eat but overall is still a pretty good eater!
We are loving our little boy so much!! It is going to be a fun (and exhausting) summer keeping up with him!

Playdate with the Watkins

Last Wednesday my friend Kim came to visit with her two kids, Thomas (4) and Mae (2 days older than Will). Although I can now honestly say without hesitation that I cannot ever imagine having 4 children, we had SO MUCH FUN! Isabel and Will loved playing with their new friends and Kim and I enjoyed being around another mommy going through similar life stages! I am so glad they came and can't wait to do it again soon!
Fortunately Will found that Thomas loves playing with balls as much as he does. Although there was never a time that they actually hit the ball to each other, they had fun trying all day

swinging and sliding Thomas brought his scooter and Will thought he was so cool on it After taking about a million pictures, this was the best I got. Not too bad. You can check Kim's blog later and see if she got a better one Funny Faces!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

more funnies

**Isabel loves eating animal crackers but she will not eat a single cracker without first discussing what kind of animal it is. Isabel: mommy, what kind of animal is this? me: it is a buffalo Isabel looks at the cracker again: no, it isn't. Daddy, what is this? Josh: it's a buffalo Isabel looks at the cracker again: no it isn't! It doesn't have any wings on it!! Me to Josh: we go to buffalo wild wings WAY too often!!!!
 **We have been trying to get Will to call Isabel by her name for months. He can say everyone else's name but when we would point to Isabel and ask her name he would just laugh........until a few weeks ago. Now, he calls her HIT! Yes, Hit. I think that he is trying to say "Iz" but starts with an "H" sound and can't make a Z sound. Every once in a while he calls her "Belle belle" but the majority of the time, she is Hit. Awesome! **Our car conversations are ALWAYS interesting. If Isabel is not making up a song, she is asking questions. This was our conversation today when she saw some cows out of the window: Isabel: what are those cows doing? Will: MOOOOOO (actually he says BOOO but we know what he means) Me: maybe they are eating Isabel: what are they eating? me: grass Isabel: why do they like grass? me: I don't know, they just do Isabel: Grass doesn't taste good Will: mmmmmm Isabel: no Will, grass is not yummy. It could have mud in it. Mommy, do cows like grass with mud in it? I wouldn't. I don't think those cows should eat the grass with mud in it, do you? (this went on for a while until she found something else to ask about)
 **I love this egocentric stage that we are in. In Isabel's mind, everything involves her in every way Isabel: I like honey. Do you know that bees make honey? That was so nice of them to make that for me.

Monday, May 10, 2010

just a swingin

We recently got a swing set and slide for our backyard. It was actually part of Isabel's birthday present but we waited until the weather was better to actually get it. It seemed pretty mean to make Isabel and Will look at it every day when it was too cold to actually play on it. Anyway, Josh put it together last Friday and we have already spent hours swinging and sliding!
Isabel loves that she is the big sister and can push Will in his swing

swinging together is fun!

who knew just pushing the swings could be as much fun as actually swinging in them? now Isabel is pushing her imaginary friend (this IS normal right??)
of course she had to try out Will's swing
Why didn't anyone warn me about how much little boys love getting dirty? :)
of course, how can I mind when he looks up at me with this sweet face?
I'm sure there will be plenty more pictures to come of our fun on our new toy!

Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. Once again, I was reminded how much I have to be thankful for. God has given me an amazing mom who has taught me so much about love, faith and how to be a good mom. He also blessed me with a wonderful mother-in-law who has always loved me like a daughter. God has also given me two precious children who call me mommy!