Sunday, April 18, 2010

sand and flowers

We recently got a new sand and water table. After letting them play with it the first night, I learned something about myself as a mom.....I'm not very good at letting my children get dirty. This has never been an issue with Isabel because she doesn't like to be dirty anyway. But Will, he is all boy and all about getting dirty. As soon as he walked up to that table, he started pouring sand in the water, splashing the water in the sand and smearing it all over everything (while Isabel quietly and calmly made sand castles). Since then, we have mainly used the table as a sand only table unless we are going immediately to the bathtub after playing.
I think Josh may like the table almost as much as Izzy and Will!! Isabel has been very excited about the flowers on our trees and even those beautiful little yellow "flowers" growing in our yard. She goes to pick a bouquet every chance she gets.

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Giann said...

Love the pics of Isabel with the flower!