Monday, April 12, 2010

more funny comments

Once again I have to take the time to remember the funny things Isabel and Will say so I will remember them. I hope they make you laugh as much as I did: *Isabel has been obsessed with all things doctor for a while now (probably b/c she went to multiple doctor appointments with me when I was pregnant with Will). She always tells us that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up...........until recently. Now she says she wants to be a doctor AND a mermaid!! *On the way to church the other day I went a different way b/c of traffic Isabel: mommy, this is not the way to church Me: I know. I'm just going a different way Isabel: but our church is that way. You need to turn that way Me: Thanks, what would I ever do without your help (ok maybe said a little sarcastically) Isabel: It's ok mommy. Me and Jesus will always be with you! *As part of Isabel's bedtime routine, I rest with her in her bed for 3 songs. While I was resting the other night she said: Isabel: mommy, can you turn up my music so I can hear cherry coke? me: ummmm...cherry coke? Isabel: yeah, I need to hear when cherry coke comes on b/c you have to leave me: OH! You mean Jericho (the 4th song) Isabel: sure *I feel like Will's vocabulary and ability to actually communicate (not just point and name objects) have really increased lately. However, for the most part he still uses only beginning sounds for words. Not always though. The other day a friend at church gave him and Isabel a sucker. It was his first sucker so he didn't know what to do with it at first. Once he figured it out, he was a big fan and wanted to tell daddy all about it. He saw Josh and ran down the hall of our church screaming "SUCK" over and over as loudly as possible. Lovely. He just had to have an extra sound on the word this time.

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kaw said...

LOVE the cherry coke one! we had a song on a cd that thomas called "hickory do" and i couldn't figure out what that was. it was "romans 6:32"