Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter festivities

We have been getting ready for Easter around the Knierim house. On Thursday Isabel had an Easter party and Easter egg hunt at school. She enjoyed everything except the fact that the Easter bunny was there. Wow, definitely not a fan. In her defense, those costumes are actually pretty freaky.
On Good Friday we had an amazing service at church. It is nice to have to spend that time just meditating on the cross and the sacrifice that was made because Jesus loves me so much. One of my favorite parts of the service was a video called "It's Friday...but Sunday's coming!" I love that! :)
Today we had a big day that started with an Easter party at church. The kids got to do crafts, play games, decorate cookies and of course hunt for Easter eggs. Later the kids got their Easter baskets and then we played outside. It was a Great day!
Isabel was excited about decorating her cookie but Will felt like eating it immediately was way more important Once Will stopped dumping the eggs out of his basket every 30 seconds, he really got into the Easter egg hunt
Isabel was really in to the hunt until she realized there was candy in the eggs. Then she was done hunting for eggs. She just wanted to eat the candy inside.
Our tradition is to give the kids their Easter basket on the Saturday before Easter. Sunday is for Jesus. Isabel has been talking about hairbands for a while and was excited to get some.
Will really wanted one too :)
Will had his first peep (and last for a long time)
posing in her sunglasses
you need your tongue out if you are going to drive well
reading with Grams
Have a Happy Easter!!!

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Happy Easter Ya'll!!!!