Monday, April 26, 2010

because it is a rainy monday....

I thought you might need a laugh: **A while ago my mom was babysitting while Josh and I went out. Isabel: where did mommy and daddy go Grams: they went out on a date Isabel: really? do you think they will get married??
 **Today while I was doing laundry Isabel said, "mommy, while you do the laundry, I'll babysit Will. Don't worry, I'll just text you if he starts screaming."
 **Will's new favorite thing is to yell "ME ME!" whenever anyone asks a "who wants to ........" question. We have a lot of fun with this. :) He thinks it is hilarious and we do too!! "Who wants to get thrown in the trash?" Will: ME ME!! "Who wants to eat dog poo?" Will: ME ME!!
 **While I was making lunch, emptying the dishwasher and trying to clean up the kitchen: Isabel (playing with Will in their little kitchen set): Hey mom, can you hand me my cup (that is on the table in front of her)? I'm kind of in the middle of something.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a princess and ....a prince??


Can you guess which one was actually put in time-out for doing something wrong and which one just thought it would be fun to go sit there too?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

sand and flowers

We recently got a new sand and water table. After letting them play with it the first night, I learned something about myself as a mom.....I'm not very good at letting my children get dirty. This has never been an issue with Isabel because she doesn't like to be dirty anyway. But Will, he is all boy and all about getting dirty. As soon as he walked up to that table, he started pouring sand in the water, splashing the water in the sand and smearing it all over everything (while Isabel quietly and calmly made sand castles). Since then, we have mainly used the table as a sand only table unless we are going immediately to the bathtub after playing.
I think Josh may like the table almost as much as Izzy and Will!! Isabel has been very excited about the flowers on our trees and even those beautiful little yellow "flowers" growing in our yard. She goes to pick a bouquet every chance she gets.

baby Jack

One of my best friends from college, Sara, was in Nashville for the weekend so we got to see her and her precious baby boy, Jack, for a few hours on Friday. We loved it! Isabel and Will thought Jack was the greatest thing ever.
Isabel playing peek-a-boo with Jack


Of course we had to try to get a picture of all three kids. Isabel and Jack did great. Will... he just kind of did his own thing she loved that she was "big" enough to hold the baby

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bama Bound

We decided to spend a few days of our 2 week spring break in Birmingham. Josh had to stay and work so it was just me and the kids. I was a little worried about making the trip without Josh but I have to say that our first trip in the mini van was about a million times better than before. This is hard for me to say but I am extremely thankful for Barney. As a teenager I swore my kids would never watch it and Isabel never did but for some reason Will is obsessed with it. It really is the only thing on TV that holds his attention for more than 15 seconds. I recently found 3 Barney DVDs at some consignment sales and that is how we survived our trip to Birmingham and back!
Isabel and Will love playing with their cousin, Avery. She is about to turn 1 and is able to actually play with them a lot more which they love. Here she is pushing Will around the room.

looking outside

One morning mom and I were getting ready and Will was way too quiet. This is what we found! We spent a lot of time outside and Will loved every second of it. When inside, he just repeated "side" (who knows where the "out" went) over and over and over Izzy and her Grams
of course Will had to join in the fun too
Isabel loved the wind chimes!
when did he get so big? where did my baby go?
my sweet girl!!
so cute
the kids loved getting to spend time with their Nana too
singing a duet

Monday, April 12, 2010

more funny comments

Once again I have to take the time to remember the funny things Isabel and Will say so I will remember them. I hope they make you laugh as much as I did: *Isabel has been obsessed with all things doctor for a while now (probably b/c she went to multiple doctor appointments with me when I was pregnant with Will). She always tells us that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up...........until recently. Now she says she wants to be a doctor AND a mermaid!! *On the way to church the other day I went a different way b/c of traffic Isabel: mommy, this is not the way to church Me: I know. I'm just going a different way Isabel: but our church is that way. You need to turn that way Me: Thanks, what would I ever do without your help (ok maybe said a little sarcastically) Isabel: It's ok mommy. Me and Jesus will always be with you! *As part of Isabel's bedtime routine, I rest with her in her bed for 3 songs. While I was resting the other night she said: Isabel: mommy, can you turn up my music so I can hear cherry coke? me: ummmm...cherry coke? Isabel: yeah, I need to hear when cherry coke comes on b/c you have to leave me: OH! You mean Jericho (the 4th song) Isabel: sure *I feel like Will's vocabulary and ability to actually communicate (not just point and name objects) have really increased lately. However, for the most part he still uses only beginning sounds for words. Not always though. The other day a friend at church gave him and Isabel a sucker. It was his first sucker so he didn't know what to do with it at first. Once he figured it out, he was a big fan and wanted to tell daddy all about it. He saw Josh and ran down the hall of our church screaming "SUCK" over and over as loudly as possible. Lovely. He just had to have an extra sound on the word this time.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello Spring!!

The weather has been amazing the past few days and we have loved it (well except that we didn't have AC until today and it started getting a little warm in our house). Anyway, we have been playing outside, grilling out and enjoying new spring clothes. Here are some random pictures from the past few days:
Will is waiting for daddy to finish grilling those hamburgers

want to hold hands?

so cute...and it lasted a whole 30 seconds Isabel is loving that she finally gets to wear her new clothes she got for her birthday. This may be her favorite outfit ever!!
Isabel's hair has gotten long again so today we tried pigtails again

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!! We celebrated at church this morning with an amazing service. I loved being able to praise our Risen Lord next to Josh, my mom, and our church family. I look forward to the day when Isabel and Will can worship with us. It is hard to explain Easter to a 3 year old and a 1 year old so this year our explanation was basically that the cross means that Jesus loves us very much!! It is so true!

Before leaving for church, Isabel announced she was Cinderella in her dress and asked us to call her that. She would not answer to Isabel We finally decided to decorate Easter eggs this afternoon. I have to admit that it really isn't all that enjoyable with 2 toddlers...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter festivities

We have been getting ready for Easter around the Knierim house. On Thursday Isabel had an Easter party and Easter egg hunt at school. She enjoyed everything except the fact that the Easter bunny was there. Wow, definitely not a fan. In her defense, those costumes are actually pretty freaky.
On Good Friday we had an amazing service at church. It is nice to have to spend that time just meditating on the cross and the sacrifice that was made because Jesus loves me so much. One of my favorite parts of the service was a video called "It's Friday...but Sunday's coming!" I love that! :)
Today we had a big day that started with an Easter party at church. The kids got to do crafts, play games, decorate cookies and of course hunt for Easter eggs. Later the kids got their Easter baskets and then we played outside. It was a Great day!
Isabel was excited about decorating her cookie but Will felt like eating it immediately was way more important Once Will stopped dumping the eggs out of his basket every 30 seconds, he really got into the Easter egg hunt
Isabel was really in to the hunt until she realized there was candy in the eggs. Then she was done hunting for eggs. She just wanted to eat the candy inside.
Our tradition is to give the kids their Easter basket on the Saturday before Easter. Sunday is for Jesus. Isabel has been talking about hairbands for a while and was excited to get some.
Will really wanted one too :)
Will had his first peep (and last for a long time)
posing in her sunglasses
you need your tongue out if you are going to drive well
reading with Grams
Have a Happy Easter!!!