Saturday, March 13, 2010

is it spring yet?

I know it is not quite spring but it is getting closer and I'll take what I can get at this point. This week we had at least a day or two where we were able to play outside. Isabel and Will love it so, of course I do too! However, it did not take me long to learn that "playing outside" means a very different thing when referring to my boy than it does to my girly girl. Isabel likes to sit on the driveway and draw with the chalk. Blowing bubbles and popping them are fun as long as they don't fly too far away. Not so much with Will. He treated the chalk like a ball when he wasn't trying to shove it down in the bubbles. He also kept trying to climb on the stairs and fell within about 2 minutes of being outside. This is going to be a very different....but very fun...Spring and Summer!
"pop pop pop"

happy to be outsideIsabel LOVES to blow bubbles bubbles are hilarious! "ok, I'll ride in this car but I'm bringing my ball with me" of course Isabel had to help push him


Natalie and Steven Seahorn said...

Oh the joys of having a little boy! I used to just marvel at how calm Isabel and other little girls were compared to Brandon. Boys are just so much more active and into things! But it keeps you on your toes and makes for some funny moments! Have fun!

kaw said...

It IS so different! At least Thomas and Mae are!! I think Will looks so much like Izzy in those pictures!