Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Recently I was looking at a bunch of blogs (yes, I'm a blog-stalker. I love blogs. Who doesn't?) and was thinking how happy and precious and well-behaved all of the children seemed. Everyone was smiling and happy and clean and doing fun things. I started wondering what was wrong with me that my kids were not always smiling and happy and we were not always involved in some fun activity. Before I got too discouraged, I looked at my own blog and realized that people could think we were because that is all that is on my blog. Let's be honest, I do not take a picture when Will is screaming and crying and throwing himself on the ground because he heard the word no. My camera is definitely not my first thought when Isabel is whining about what we are having for dinner or on those dreaded nights when she decides she doesn't want to go to sleep and would rather sit in her bed and scream. Thankfully, no one takes a picture of me when I hide in the bathroom because I am too frustrated and exhausted to be a mommy for the next 5 minutes. I'm also not taking pictures like a crazy person as I watch Isabel and Will play with the same toys they have been playing with for months but still fight over like they are brand new. Maybe I should take pictures at those moments. Or maybe not. Either way, I decided my blog needed a new reality post. I consider our blog to be our family's scrapbook and while I want to remember those sweet faces, big smiles and fun things that we have done as a family, I want to remember real life too. Just like I look back at pictures of the newborn stage and congratulate myself on surviving, I want to look back on these toddler days and appreciate how far we have come. When I am dealing with 2 teenagers who want to date or drive or go to parties, I need to look back on these toddler days and laugh at myself for thinking that it just had to be the hardest stage!! So this is my reality post. I'll tell you a story about our day today. We went to the library. Usually playing trains and picking out books is fun right? Not, today. First the giant stuffed gorilla was there so it began with Isabel screaming in terror declaring that she wanted to go home! After somehow carrying her and Will past the gorilla and I thought things were fine. Nope. Will had a dirty diaper and of course it was the one time I didn't bring in the diaper bag. We had to go to the car to get it. Will did NOT want to go so he began screaming and Isabel didn't want to walk by the gorilla so she started screaming. Do you know how quiet a library is when you have 2 screaming kids? So we got outside, everyone quieted down, got the bag, changed the diaper and let the kids play for another minute or two. However Will wanted to play (bang on) the computers and I didn't think that was the best option so I made him stop. Yep, another tantrum. At that time I decide we have to leave. Again, I take a screaming and thrashing Will and a crying and terrified Isabel to check out and leave. We may never go back to the library. So there you go. Life with a 3 year old and a 1 year old is stressful, frustrating, loud, and exhausting....but it can be pretty great too! :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

minivan momma

As many of you know, I have wanted a minivan for about a year now. It was not on the top of our list of financial needs at the time so I have been waiting patiently...ok, maybe not so patiently but I was waiting. Anyway, last week Josh found an amazing deal on a 2007 Honda Odyssey so of course we went to see it. It turns out that the van was even better than we thought and they offered us more for the Altima than we thought so we bought the van!!!
I know there are many of you reading this and shaking your head swearing that you will never drive a minivan (Dori) but let me tell you, I LOVE THIS VAN! Seriously, I had no idea how much easier it would make my life. I mainly wanted it for the extra seats and storage space. I didn't realize how much easier it would make getting the kids in and out. Plus there is a DVD player. Now, Josh and I have explained that this can only be used on long trips...... and have only given in once in a week. ha ha It was necessary though....way too close to nap time and two fussy children. It is amazing how thankful I was for Barney (wow, I never thought I would EVER say those words). Anyway, I am proud to be a minivan momma!!

bubbles bubbles are so much fun....

....bubbles bubbles for Everyone!!
(yes, it is a line from a book that we all have memorized)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

This is what happens when you are a little brother...

........with a girly big sister!
**If it makes it any more manly, Will does call it a "hat"

is it spring yet?

I know it is not quite spring but it is getting closer and I'll take what I can get at this point. This week we had at least a day or two where we were able to play outside. Isabel and Will love it so, of course I do too! However, it did not take me long to learn that "playing outside" means a very different thing when referring to my boy than it does to my girly girl. Isabel likes to sit on the driveway and draw with the chalk. Blowing bubbles and popping them are fun as long as they don't fly too far away. Not so much with Will. He treated the chalk like a ball when he wasn't trying to shove it down in the bubbles. He also kept trying to climb on the stairs and fell within about 2 minutes of being outside. This is going to be a very different....but very fun...Spring and Summer!
"pop pop pop"

happy to be outsideIsabel LOVES to blow bubbles bubbles are hilarious! "ok, I'll ride in this car but I'm bringing my ball with me" of course Isabel had to help push him

Sunday, March 7, 2010

ADPi reunion weekend in Birmingham

Hi, my name is Jenn Knierim....and I am a sorority girl. Don't laugh. I'm not at all ashamed of this. I am very proud of my sorority, alpha delta pi, and the women I call my sisters. My college years were amazing and a large part of that was the girls in my sorority who will be life-long friends. This weekend our chapter, Kappa, celebrated its 100th anniversary with a big reunion in Birmingham. It was so much fun to catch up with so many of these girls that I haven't seen in YEARS!! Thanks to blogs and facebook, I am able to keep up with so many friends but there is nothing like actually getting together. It was such a great weekend!!

our table

Saturday night after the luncheon, I got together with 3 of my best friends from college and their families. There were 7 children between us including 2 new babies that I hadn't even met yet. I was so thankful to get to spend more time with these girls.
Audrey thinks baby Jack is so funny Yes, this picture was as hard to take as you think...maybe harder..but totally worth it
Isabel and Adelynn are 5 weeks apart
I finally got to hold baby Emily
While I was reuniting with the girls, Isabel and Will had way too much fun with their daddy, grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin. Isabel got this tutu, hairband and a bear that matches as a birthday gift from Aunt Lauren and Uncle Matt. She LOVES it!
have you ever seen a cuter ballerina?

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday, Isabel did some fun Dr. Seuss activities at school last week. She came home very excited about this hat she made and said, "mommy, did you know it was the cat in the hat's birthday???"