Monday, February 22, 2010

D-Now weekend 2010

This was a really exciting weekend for us. It was the Disciple Now weekend for the students at our church. Basically the weekend begins Friday around 5:30pm and is over Sunday afternoon. The students have all kind of fun events during the day and spend the night in different homes both Friday and Saturday night. Last year Will was only about 3 months old and nursing pretty often so I wasn't able to go to as many events as I wanted to. This year both my mom and Josh's mom came to take care of Isabel and Will so I got to help Josh and hang out with the students. I am so thankful for 2 amazing grandmas that allowed me the time away this weekend and I'm proud of how well Isabel and Will did with their grandmas!
I'm really proud of Josh. Not only did he plan every second of this amazing weekend (booked the band, recruited tons of volunteers, bought the supplies, scheduled service projects, etc) but he also wrote the curriculum the bible study leaders used and preached sermons Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning. I'm always amazed that Josh is able to teach the Bible and say honest and difficult things that we all need to hear while also making it funny and random enough that everyone (yes, even teenagers) pay attention. God used him in so many ways this weekend and I was proud to be his wife!

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kaw said...

Super cute picture of you and Josh! Glad the weekend went so well. Grandparents ARE great!!!